Monday, October 08, 2007

"Who the hell ever heard of sacrificing a head of lettuce?" *

- 4 lbs of bone-in chuck (MUCH cheaper than short ribs) for veggie soup stock, to use up some of the two heads of cabbage from our CSA. It’s always good to have gallons of soup in the freezer.

- A 3-lb corned beef brisket, to use up more cabbage (my husband is half-Irish, he likes corned beef and cabbage. Blech.)

- 1 lb meatloaf mix (veal, beef, and pork). For stuffed peppers to freeze, to use up the peppers from our CSA.

- 1 lb 85% lean ground beef – for hamburgers for grilling tonight

- 2 Delmonico steaks – also for grilling tonight, because I had a yen for FLESH, with baked potatoes and salad

This is more meat than I usually buy in six months.
I feel like a cavewoman.
I hunted-and-gathered my way through the grocery store’s organic meat department.

Now I must go hunt mastodon….

*Archie Bunker


David said...

at the last Rosh Hashana dinner I attended I found out a couple of things. First I found out that a goats head is supposed to be placed on the table

"The head of a sheep (yes, really eaten in many Jewish cultures over the ages) represents the ram that was sacrificed by Abraham when God released him from having to give up Isaac. Eating any head sheep, fish or, for beef, maybe just the tongue also promotes the idea of being at the head in the world and not at the tail"

Then I found out you are allowed to use a head of lettuce to symbolize the goats head. (because really a goat head is gross)

not exactly a sacrifice, but close.

Sarah Louise said...

I was supposed to go grocery shopping today (the larder is BARE!) but went to SE for Mediteranean Nachos instead. And then back to my air conditioned flat. WHAT MONTH IS THIS???

Badger said...

We eat a whole hell of a lot of meat ovah heah. With two family members allergic to soy, other legumes, and most nuts and one family member unable to absorb/utilize non-heme iron, yeah. We're not in danger of becoming vegetarians anytime soon.

KPB said...

Welcome to my world.
Our butcher lurves us.
And yum to corned beef and cabbage (I hope you make proper parsley sauce to go with it, with a spoon or two of horseradish cream thrown in for good measure). How do you do the cabbage? When I make it I put wedges of cabbage in the water with the corned beef once the meat is cooked. ie, turn meat off, pop in cabbage, pop lid on, make other veggies and white sauce and voila, all cooked and the corned beef way more tender for being left to sit off the boil for a wee while.

Just in case you were wondering.

Joke said...

This sounds like the feed for a particularly fussy cougar.


Jess said...

I just bought a whole chicken. For me, and for just one person, it feels like a lot. So I hear you. But steak sounds awfully good.