Friday, October 19, 2007

"I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of California stars." *

Oh my God, what a FOUL day. To paraphrase Primo’s principal doing morning announcements: “Good morning, children, today is Foul Friday.”

It’s not the rain or grey skies – in fact, they’re sort of ok; the mood I am in, sunshine would be like a slap in the face.

It could be the hurt-y ears, the sore throat, or the nagging heachache.

It’s more likely whatever pregnancy hormones have kicked in, making it imposssible for me to stand being touched. At all. Especially those sorts of lovely kinds of touching your small children do – you know, digging their feet into your back when lying in bed with you, pulling your hair, climbing over your head, yanking on your clothes. I don’t want to be massaged by tiny, pointy, sharp-nailed little toes EVER and especially, dear God, not now. Even the dog has taken to following me around the house; if I turn too quickly – like, anything faster than the speed of molasses, I step on him. If I weren’t preggers, I’d swear I was PMSing.

The heady thought of freedom from the soul-sucking place of employment I just left (I missed the masturbator in the stacks yesterday; see what I am giving up?) makes me feel marginially better but I am also in a weirdly apathetic panic (I know, seems like an oxymoron but it’s not) about not having a “real” job.

We have tickets to see Wilco tonight – I love Wilco and I was really looking forward to it, but the reality is that before I can go have fun, I have to pick up Seg from preschool, run errands (how did I forget to buy diapers while grocery shopping yesterday??), feed them all lunch, pack up diapers and clothes and pillows and their stuffed animals and whatever else they need for an overnight stay, deal with whoever’s going to come care for the dog, pick up Primo from school, drive across town to the babysitter’s, drop off the boys, go pick up H, find a place to park along with the thousands of other people downtown attending 1) the Wilco show, 2) the Pens game, 3) the Duquesne football game, and/or 4) parents’ weekend activities.

All without alcohol.

All I really want to do is go to bed with some books and pull the comforter over my head. In peace, quiet, dark, and warmth. I want to SLEEP.

At least I don’t have to work tomorrow.
So I can write a post about the books I bought yesterday, and what I am reading now, and what I finished and what I thought of them, and the books I got from the library, and all sorts of other much more interesting things than me whining about, um, having a life.

Don't pay any attention to me.


* "California Stars," Wilco

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Kathy said...

I missed this post for some reason. You saw Wilco? I love them. How was the concert?