Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days..."

Today was the first day both older boys were back at school.

I have laundry to do.
Sheets to buy.
Food to cook.
The dishwasher to empty.
Bananas and dog treats and razors and all manner of other things – including a pencil box and his very own personal box of tissues to take to school for Primo – to shop for at the grocery store.
I need to bake something for us to have around to munch on. Because we all like our desserts.
I have a picture to hang in the bathroom, books to transfer to the bedroom, and tile to pull off the wall in the powder room – although that may wait as we may be ripping it out in the kitchen renovation we just decided on.
I have to call the vet, the boys’ doctor, the ultrasound lab, and the dogsitter.
I have two birthdays coming up for which I must send at least cards, and I totally zoned on my poor nephew’s birthday last month.
I have Terzo’s party to plan, and have to figure out what presents to get him for his second birthday.
I have three packages awaiting a trip to the post office, and a carton of overdue library books to return.
I have more freelance work than I know what to do with – a paper that needs to be edited by tomorrow, references to check, articles to upload, and a database to update.
My kitchen floor is disgusting, and I have cobwebs all over the underside of my staircase.
I am working an extra day this week as I am covering Friday for a coworker.

And so what did Terzo and I do with our first free morning?

We took a long leisurely walk to the coffee shop, where we ate chocolate croissants and I drank a big cup of Irish Breakfast tea, and we kibbutzed with our favorite barista, who made Terzo a big chocolate milk, and then we chatted with all the other regulars, catching up on our summers. Long walk back, throwing pebbles and resting by a tree and dancing on tree stumps and zooming Hot Wheels down driveways.



Sarah Louise said...

Sometimes rest is the most productive thing, says the woman who has a to do list 4 pages long.

Sign me,

Aspiring to be Superwoman...

lazy cow said...

Yes, my middle name is procrastination too.
The boy and I had chocolate croissants by the river yesterday. It's nice to forget about real life for a while, hang on, that is all real life too!!
Sounds like a wonderful morning.

Kathy said...

I love the pictures of both boys but there is just something truly endearing about Terzo sitting under the tree.

Gina said...

Terzo is so cute that I could honestly eat him up.

Iamthebookworm said...

I like Terzo's idea of productivity! Great pictures.

Suse said...

Those cobwebs on the UNDERside of your staircase?

I think you can ignore them dear.

(Your boys are so deliciously gorgeous).

ps. finished running with scissors last night.

nutmeg said...

I LOVE hanging out at a coffee shop with the girls and the fact that you have a local sounds absolutely fab. Walking there and back blew out both your cobwebs - does that count in lieu of those under the staircase?

KPB said...

I am so pleased with how you spent your day because all those other things? They will get done, but that time between you and Terzo? Is gone in a moment.

Sarah Louise said...

Kim said what I meant. And I adore that your boys dance on tree stumps. Your new one will fit right in with a lovely bunch of boys.

Caterina said...

Yea, ditto on what Kim said. I think spending time with your children is a VERY PRODUCTIVE day. And that pic of your boy is adorable.