Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Hot Blooded, Check it and See

I just had a wonderful interview for a full-time job at my library. Things are looking up. And speaking of looking, I got to see our illustrious Steeler quarterback, Ben Roethlesberger, who was at the library to read to kids. Aw! He's much cuter (and bigger) in person, and he was all smiles for the kids. I think I want to get myself a #7 jersey now. :-)


BabelBabe said...

oh, i am glad it went well! I'll still give you a holler tonight for details.

I am always blown away by how much bigger in real life most athletes are.

Badger said...

Okay, yay on the job, but BOO STEELERS!

A Diehard Browns Fan

Velma said...

Yay Job Interview!

Yay Steelers! (Don't tell my husband the Patriots brainwashee.)

Sarah Louise said...

See--it is possible to get a librarian job in this town! MUCH LUCK, I'll cross my fingers and toes.

--an employed Pgh librarian

#7? But he's so young (says the woman who is dating a man 7 years her junior...) Truly, Ben is the same age as my baby brother and the fact that he brings in so much more in the paycheck dept is not lost on me...