Sunday, July 29, 2007

“Somebody's boring me. I think it's me.” - Dylan Thomas

I am generally the world's dullest person. I don't like to go out, I don't like TV, I really don't care about movies, and my sports interests are limited to hockey, and gymnastics during the Olympics.

My idea of a good time is reading books, entering my books into my LibraryThing account, reading book blogs, and indulging in the occasional TextTwist orgy.

I enjoy doing research. I enjoy reading obscure stuff, and knowing arcane facts. I found this wiki wildly entertaining and spent a good hour yesterday afternoon playing here.

So because I am so very dull, I have nothing for you.

Most of the interesting, scintillating people are in Chicago, scintillating one another. I am here in the burgh, being dull as dishwater.

I am reading Connie Willis's Doomsday Book, finishing up Silver on the Tree, which I will be very sad to see end, and I am ditching Shadow of the Wind. I have more than fulfilled my fifty-page obligation and could not care less.

I did spend a few fun hours yesterday evening on a friend's front porch, sipping ginger-peach iced tea and hanging with some fellow librarians. I have a few book recommendations to look up from that, and I am somewhat ashamed to recall my impassioned ten-minute ode to The Sparrow.

My books are catalogued.
I am excited at the thought of putting up more bookshelves.
Used bookstores get me hot and bothered.
And I think the best way to get to know someone is to see what's on their bookcases.

I couldn't get any less exciting.


--Deb said...

I hear you--although I tend to talk about knitting, spinning, and my dog, too. I can't see a bookcase without tilting my head to read the titles. Although, I will say, I prefer new bookstores to used . . . I like to be the first reader of my copies whenever possible!

Joke said...

If it's any consolation, I have it on EXCELLENT authority that all those scintillating people have been beset by an even larger group of criminally tedious navel-gazers.

They've all had to huddle desperately to warm themselves against the chill of benightedness.


MsCellania said...

You are never dull!
And you make such wonderful babies...

Major Bedhead said...

That doesn't sound dull at all. It sounds great.

I had the same conversation with a friend on Friday - books tell you what kind of person you're meeting. And people who don't own books are probably people I'm not going to want to get to know all that well.

Gina said...

I like you just the way you are!

Peg said...

What Gina said.

David said...

Doomsday Book is good.

I thought Passage was better.

And neither of them is Bellwether. That title is on my top 10.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I might be the world's dullest person. I'm definitely duller than you.

The Sparrow deserves an impassioned 10-minute ode, at least.

Sarah Louise said...

If you're dull, I'm Marilyn Monroe. You are one of the most fascinating brilliant women I know. Truly.

Just because you happen to be a LIBRARIAN, some folks might think you're dull, but I beg to differ.

Suse said...

I think you're lovely.

And I have it on good authority that all the scintillating people are in Pittsburgh and Melbourne.

lazy cow said...

Oh that we could be dull and boring together.
SO glad that you're reading Doomsday Book. I have a mad urge to reread it, nothing else is thrilling me at the moment.

Kathy said...

Someone recently lent me Doomsday Book and it's sitting on my desk in my office. I think it's going to be my purse book for awhile.

And believe me, if there were a boring contest, you wouldn't even qualify. You tell interesting stories, you read good books, and you are kind, but you are not boring.

Sinda said...

I agree with ssheers, The Sparrow is more than worthy.

Anonymous said...

I think your use of scintillating as a verb makes you interesting...

nutmeg said...

What are you talking about BB, I gobble up every word you write (I too love researching stuff - Malcolm Gladwell in his book Blink has a special term for it - I'll have to look it up again).

I've still to read my copy of The Doomsday Book and her other one, To Say Nothing of the Dog (which I just looked up on my librarything - gotta love it!) And I think I just did a rash thing - someone I've previously had no contact with asked me to be their "friend" on LT and I accepted! (And nooooooo that's not you LC!)

Joke said...

You can't fool us. You're not posting to try and convince you're dull.

Not gonna work.