Sunday, July 22, 2007

OH. MY. GOD. Where IS everyone?

I KNOW it's past eleven pm EST, but damn it, I just finished Deathly Hallows - a previous brunch appointment, and then the park and ice cream with my boys - goddamn family time! - interrupted my headlong rush through all seven hundred-odd pages.
And I need to talk.
Wake up, my sweet little 'netties, I need you!


I will sleep and you can - harumph - get back to me in the morning.


TLB said...

I'm around. So what did you think?

Joke said...

Impatient li'l minx, ain't ya?


Major Bedhead said...

Well jeez. I've been around. Bloglines only updated this now, at nearly 1 a.m.. Hmph.

I've been itching to discuss this book (Joke and I have had a back and forth on the email but it would be nice to have a few other voices in there, besides our two curmudgeonly ones picking the nits.)

David said...


Kathy said...

I have to share it with my husband and son. Currently, son is reading it. If he falls asleep, I'm going to go take it and read some more -- I'm about half way through.

nutmeg said...

Have been away for the weekend and have only recently returned - so I didn't purchase it until today. I am reading your last couple of posts and combox through squinted eyes, not wanting to read too much detail! So I guess I will be pretty damn near useless around here for a while :-D

P.S. But I did just finish "Dead Lucky" about Lincoln Hall's near death experience on Everest last year.

Joke said...

Oh. If just one more reviewer uses the word "bildungsroman" I'll go postal, I sweah.


Jess said...

I just finished this morning (MADE myself go to bed last night) and I can't talk to my roommate because she's waiting to read my copy...So, so, what did you think?

Anonymous said...

I read it, finished it, loved it.

Iamthebookworm said...

Wasn't it good? I thought the ending was very satisfying. If you want to talk about it, you can always e-mail me! I'm itching to discuss it, but my co-workers are not as obsessed as I am and have not finished it.

Velma said...

I took it on my travels and finished it whilst staying in an 18th century manor house in Ireland. And yes, I can't believe I just used the word "whilst," either. Loved the book, though.