Tuesday, July 10, 2007

“The Russians love Brooke Shields because her eyebrows remind them of Leonid Brezhnev.” - Robin Williams

I can't get the photo to save - so here's the link to the "Order of the Phoenix" premiere:
Photo of Ron, Harry, & Hermione

I have three things to say:

1. Emma Watson is a lovely young woman.
2. Daniel Radcliffe needs some serious eyebrow work. Hand over the tweezers and the wax.
3. What the hell is wrong with Rupert Grint? Maybe his hair has to look like that for the movies, but would it kill him to wash it, and maybe put on some decent clothes? It's not like he's not a gajillionaire.


Gina said...

If I weren't twice his age, I would date Rupert Grint in a heartbeat. :-)

Joke said...

1- Gina, does this mean it may take you several heartbeats?

2- Emma Watson is teh archetype of the sort of girl over whom I broke my heart repeatedly in my youth.


teachergirl said...

I wouldn't throw Daniel Radcliffe out with the bathwater because of the eyebrows.

MsCellania said...

I got my eyebrows waxed today. It took her 25 minutes to accomplish the task! I am going to suggest a weed wacker next time...
I wonder what they will all do when the HP series is over? NOT develop Hollywood Habits, I hope.

Major Bedhead said...

Emma Watson is breathtaking.

I didn't think Rupert Grint looked that bad in the other photos, but yeah, maybe wear something a little more formal. Although going by what other people on the red carpet were wearing, he was practically in a tuxedo.

Daniel Radcliffe just gets better looking every year.

But you know who I miss? Oliver Wood. Now that was one gorgeous guy (and I don't even want to know how old he is or whether it's even legal for me to have the hots for him, so don't tell me.)

I'm going tomorrow night, if TCBIM can stay awake long enough.

Sarah Louise said...

Rupert Grint seems to have a need to dress casual for formal events...my brother would probably be the same way if he were a star in blockbuster movies.

I like Danny's eyebrows, and yes, Emma is breathtaking.

This week is BONKERS for me, so I'll wait a bit to see the movie.

Velma said...

My theory is that Daniel should wait to pluck until he is of legal age. Once he fills out a bit more, he can handle a less weighty brow...although, given those "Equus" promo shots featuring a scary amount of chest hair for a 17 year old...oh, God! Did I just share too much?

My first love was a red-head with nice eyes, so I've got a soft spot for young Rupert, and yes, Emma is exactly the sort of young woman I hope Pepper turns into.

I think I'm done sharing now.

Velma said...

Oh, lookie! Turns out I'm not done after all!! Just wanted to say that yes, Oliver Wood was also alluring, but I blame the Scottish accent.