Sunday, July 22, 2007

Page: 493.

Body count: Who can keep track?
Fingernails remaining: One and a half-ish.


lazy cow said...

How funny, I was going to do a similar post earlier this evening:-)
Just finished about an hour ago. How amazing to be part of a world-wide phenomenon! Will be fascinated to hear what you think. I'm going to bed to ponder it, if I don't fall asleep instantly.

MsCellania said...

BB - I FINISHED IT! Got it yesterday around 3 from the post and was able to devour it. Thanks to GameCube, dinner out and only 4.5 hours sleep.

So sorry to see the last of this series. Harry got the whole world reading again.

Email me as soon as you're done!

Joke said...

Got at noonish yesterday, started in around 1pm-ish, wrapped up by 10pm-ish (leavened with a few tea breaks and fixing dinner).

Liked it a LOT but there is one plot element that made it absolutely impossible for me to love it unreservedly.


Anonymous said...

I just finished it a while ago. Now I think about it all.

Major Bedhead said...

It took me about 7 hours to finish it and I'd be reading it again (because I'm like that) except TCBIM took it to work with him. I briefly entertained the thought of running down to the shop and buying another copy but I stopped myself.

Joke said...

P.S. Gina -- I know you can read this -- I don't have your non-work email, so you'll have to email me.