Thursday, July 26, 2007

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride..."

I am reading:
Silver on the Tree - Susan Cooper. I sort of forgot about this, it’s not that it’s not good. It is.
The Mother’s Day Murder - Lee Harris. Prosaic writing, but somehow her mystery twists always suck me in.
The Shadow of the Wind - Somebody Carlos Ruiz Something. Please release me, let me go...Gina LOVED this; what the hell is wrong with me?

I have been handing Primo lots of my childhood favorites, including the first Black Stallion book, which I adored, and which prompted me to read the entire series. He refuses to try it, though. Even though I was right on regarding the Boxcar Children, the Bobbsey Twins, and Roald Dahl. Until...
Primo is reading:
The Devil’s Storybook - Natalie Babbitt. He is finding it deliciously funny.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone - JK Rowling. He was on chapter 7 when I left for work; he paused long enough to look up at me from the back porch lounge and exclaim, “This is GREAT!” And then he sighed, “I will read The Black Stallion right away.”

I am eating, whenever I can:
Hot and sour soup, and egg rolls with lashings of duck sauce.
Coconut cake.
Ginger ale and seltzer.
An occasional apple, and inordinate amounts of cantaloupe.
Kix cereal with lots of milk.

I cannot even look at:
Peanut butter
Tap (uncarbonated) water or orange juice

I am seriously contemplating:
Finding out the sex of this baby
Quitting my job
Begging my doctor for pregnancy-safe migraine meds (hahahahaaaaa!!!!)

I spend much of my time:
Longing to nap
Trying not to vomit
Ignoring my headache
Worrying that something will be wrong with this baby
Looking at other people’s minivans

I wish:
I could go home and go to bed NOW
I could go to the beach.
My boys would stop fighting over Pokemon cards
I would learn to say No to people occasionally
My sticky kitchen floor were clean


Kathy said...

I loved The Black Stallion when I was a kid but I can't get my daughter to like anything I've suggested except The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Sigh.

Badger said...

With my boy child it was honeydew melon. Could not get enough of it. Could not eat ANYTHING else for like three months.

Ended up liking The Dark Is Rising okay, but it did not speak to me the way A Wrinkle In Time did. Light vs. Dark-wise.

We are reading Sorcerer's Stone as a family. STILL. We will never be finished.

You are having another boy. There, I just saved you $X.

IF I'm wrong, and you are having a girl, I will CROCHET YOU SOMETHING. Mark my words.

I might just anyway. You like sock monkeys?

lazy cow said...

I kind of hope you're having a girl.
Just ate a banana :-)
Am debating on whether to offer HP1 to the girl, but she is happy with all her horsey book series and has discovered The Babysitters Club.
Enjoyed Shadow of the wind while reading it, but now can't really recall much of it. Just got back from the library with 40 books (mostly reserves) so there MUST be something readable there.

nutmeg said...

I recall liking Shadow of the Wind as well. Apparently he is writing some continuation of the the story - not sure I am intrigued enough to read on though.

I was nauseous with my second and felt really annoyed as it stopped me reading! And I got to get me some of this coconut cake!

Suse said...

It costs $$ to find out the sex of your baby in America?

And how come in America HP1 is called HP and the "Sorcerer's" Stone, unlike the rest of the world which knows it as the "Philosopher's" Stone??

Culturally confused as ever,

Joke said...


This was because the publisher in the USA decided that Americans were too stupid to buy anything that sounded as if it had to do with philosophy.


Jess said...

No chocolate? Who are you and what have you done with BabelBabe?

I love Natalie Babbitt. She has a new one - Jack Plank Tells Tales - which I need to read. The Search for Delicious is great fun.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that longing to nap, trying not to spew, and ignoring the headache are all good signs that there's NOTHING wrong with that beautiful baby! I have a minivan (Sienna), and love it. LOVE IT. Especially after my toddler was able to unlock his seatbelt and OPEN the door of my sister's schmancy BMW while we were DRIVING. Lord 'o mercy! The minivan won't allow the doors to open unless the vehicle is in park.

I hope you feel better soon. :)