Friday, March 16, 2007

"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." - Robert Heinlein

What I am reading:
The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf

What I am watching:
Raines, with Jeff Goldblum.
Not sure they can sustain it but the pilot was riveting.

What I am eating:
Not much. My ears hurt, and my throat is sore, so I feel like I have been subsisting on hot tea. Maybe a banana or some Thin Mints occasionally.

What I am cooking:
Gallons of Guinness beef stew, loaves of soda bread, and a chocolate sheet cake with fudge frosting; chicken with potatoes and peas in coconut milk curry for dinner tonight.

Who I am missing:
My lunch hour on Tuesdays has been shifted later, and now I can't even have lunch with her once a week.

What I am writing:
A rewrite of a work proposal, lots of emails, and not much blogwise. Sorry.

What I am doing:
Angsting terribly over the dog.
I am just not sure I am cut out for dog ownership, and I am feeling terribly guilty.
We are giving it a few days – he’s a lovely dog, I just may not be a dog person after all.
Dogs are so damn NEEDY. I knew it, I guess I just didn't KNOW it.
Go on, tell me I am rotten. I can take it.

Off to sort laundry, bake cake and soda bread, vaccuum, straighten, and scrub bathrooms.
Also, feel very guilty.


Velma said...

Don't feel guilty or rotten.

Feel wise, for figuring it out very quickly. It takes a wise woman to recognizes her limitations.

I, personally, am firmly in the "I Can't Deal With A Dog At This Point In My Life" camp.

Badger said...

Dogs are babies with sharp teeth and no diapers. No one else in MY family seems to understand that, but I do and I'm not budgin'.

I loved the pilot of Raines, too. But I called the dead partner in the very first scene in which we saw him. Damn you, M. Night Shyamalan!

hungry in LA said...

Badger's right, dog are babies that NEVER GROW UP. They will still follow you around the house from room to room until they are really really old and blind. And walking them when they are really old and blind is no fun but you still have to do it. If I knew then what I knew now this beautiful ferocious beastie of ours would never have been rescued. It is so much work and ours doesn't even like other dogs much so we are the sole entertainment. Oh and the vet, it's like going to a mechanic. Small problem $100. Big problem $300+

I love my dog BUT.

BabelBabe said...

and I had the babies FIRST. you'd think i would have figured that out...I really really am not so smart....

Anonymous said...

Having a new dog in the house is a big adjustment, even for established dog people.

Maybe give it a while longer to see if things calm down? The dog has an adjustment to make, too- he's probably confused and maybe missing his previous owners. He might become more independent as he gets comfortable. I'm sure he can sense your angst. :)

You're not rotten. Ultimately you want him to be in the best home, and it's really okay if it turns out not to be yours.

Paula said...

If the dog isn't right for you don't take him, you'll only end up resenting him and that's not fair to either one of you. If not your home then there will be one somewhere for such a sweetie as that.

Paula said...

Oh and smart has nothing to do with your heart.

Anonymous said...

Better to have conflicted feelings about the dog than the kids. :D

Major Bedhead said...

Dogs are really needy. We have one. I don't really like her all that much, but she worships me because I'm the only one who feeds her and talks to her. But once she's gone, we are NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE.

I like cats. If they could, cats would be constantly flipping you the bird, as if to say "Screw you, I can take care of myself. Just leave the kibble in the bowl and no one will get hurt." I like that in a pet.

Sarah Louise said...

The ears, the throat, not eating: been there and back--feel better!

About the dog: what Paula said. (and everyone else.) It's much better to know in advance!

Sending you a cyber hug...

Kathy said...

Don't feel bad about the dog. I'm not a dog person either for the same reason as you. I'm a cat person because they are exactly as Julia said.

I also really liked the pilot of Raines.

tut-tut said...

Cats are where it's at.

What else are you reading?

Take some vitamin C, as a hedge.

TLB said...

I absolutely adore dogs. I just don't want one in my house.

I have three cats instead, and altogether they are still less work than one dog, smell better, and take up less room in my lap.

nutmeg said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill and have to do all that cooking - but sounds extremely yummy btw. I'm printing out your recipes.

If I had to choose I am a bit of a cat person too as they tend to be less needy (generally good when you are a mum). Don't go forward with the dog if it is not 100% right - and no you are definitely not rotten - the dog will not feel comfortable if you are not too :-)

And I just picked The Sparrow for one of my bookclubs which is so very good on two fronts - it gives me a timeframe to stick to and therefore read it sooner rather than later and I get to discuss it at some length at the meeting. (jumping with a bit of joy over here!)

Joke said...

Badger is right (they also have CLAWS, people).

And I miss Gina also.


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