Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"I am just going outside and may be some time." - Lawrence "Titus" Oates

The Girl with the Tangerine Scarf.
Fascinating stuff.
Accessible, readable, intelligent, fun in an educational-but-not-dull sort of way.
Trust me.
Would I lead you astray?

And for those of you with the YA jones:
The White Darkness.
Symone is a majorly kick-butt teenage girl.
How many fourteen-year-olds do YOU know who fall in love with dead Antarctic explorers and thwart a madman who believes that the earth is hollow?
Not many, I’ll bet.

(This book made me contemplate my small-to-medium-sized collection of Arctic/Antarctic literature and decide I really really need to do some thrift store shopping soon. It also made me drag out my copy of With Scott to the Pole and fall in love with Titus Oates my own self.)


Anonymous said...

An excellent Antarctica book is The Endurance by Caroline Alexander. It's the story of Shackleton's voyage. They were going to walk across Antarctica, but their boat got stuck in the ice and eventually destroyed. A photographer was along for the the trip. They lost much of their stuff when the ice crushed their ship, but they saved the photographs.

lazy cow said...

Help! I'm trapped under a pile of YA and childrens' books and can only get out by reading each one. Seriously, contemporary fiction is the pits (at the moment). However, I have asked the library to order Girl with the tangerine scarf. Only because *you* and Gina recommended it.

nutmeg said...

I am STILL trying to locate a copy (for a good price!) of Mark Bowen's Thin Ice. It is supposed to be a combination of travel, adventure, climate change, science, snow and ice, ice, ice! Check it out it may be something of interest to you. And like ssheers said - The Endurance by Caroline Alexander was excellent. I have an illustrated version and it is great :-)

Jess said...

I JUST read The White Darkness and you totally stole that quote from me as a post title. Now I'll just look like a copycat when I get around to using it. Deliciously creepy, isn't it? And Titus was such an awesome character. Then I ran across a kids' book about Shackleton at the library & saw those pictures of their ship in the ice.

Geggie said...

I found you via blackbird. I'll be checking your side now regularly too! Thanks!

BabelBabe said...

I will look for the Alexander book.

and LC, I wondered where in the heck you have been...!

lazy cow said...

I'm around, but trying to tone down the computer time. So I read blogs, but don't often comment, and simply don't have the mental energy to post blog entries at the moment.

Jess said...

I just got Girl/Tangerine Scarf today at the library (it came in! It finally came in!) and now I have sopmething to read after my little monsters go to bed...

Just finished Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clark - you might really like it.