Thursday, March 01, 2007

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

I am currently digging the following:

This book. Lost City Radio by Daniel Alarcon. Un-put-down-able, so far.

This cake. Frozen. For breakfast. Or really anytime. No, it's not homemade, but it's good. In its own way.
This tea, now available at my grocery store.

Valentine’s Day cards! What a cute idea! That sweetie pie is my nephew. He and Terzo are three months apart, and look like twins.

Post-It notes on my cabinets. Grocery list forgetfulness begone.

My new bathroom decorations. Brilliant, yes? I do wonder how old the boys will get before I am begged to take the photos down.

My second refrigerator. Running out of milk has become a thing of the past. Plus, you can fit a lot of coconut cake in the freezer.

Local politics. Specifically the city council race. If you live in District Seven, go vote for Patrick Dowd on May 15! He’s a good guy, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Fundraiser dumpsters for recycling junk mail and magazines and office paper. There are several within a few miles of my house, benefitting worthy institutions like the zoo and a couple of grade schools. These dumpsters make it very easy to recycle all kinds of stuff the city doesn't take curbside.

Milder weather. Soon it will be warm enough everyday to go to the park, and the duck pond, and the playground. (Sadly, it will also soon be warm enough to wear shorts.)

These pants. Old Navy cargo-ey twills. One pair in olive, one pair in tan. Nice enough for work, comfy enough to slouch around the house.

Searchable online obits archives! Not as soothing as perusing the obits page in the actual newspaper, but more efficient. (Yes, I read the obits. Every day. Also the engagement and wedding announcements, sheriff sale listings, and real estate transactions. What can I say, I am nosy.)

These blogs:

3191 – I know, I am late to the party.

Mama Drama is making me laugh out loud.

POD-dy Mouth. Having spent way too many years copyediting for a vanity press (translation: reading and trying to fix the worst dreck imaginable, and then some), I am entertained and intrigued by this blog, suggested to me by anatidaeling (yeah, I don’t know what her name means either.)

This is where, had I the energy, I would wrap up with some clever bon mot. Alas, clever I am not. I will share this tidbit of wisdom with you, however: don't carry tampons in the same baggie with the Motrin and Excedrin.

Don't say I never gave you anything.


Paula said...

The boys will want the pictures down the first time some girl tells them how cute they are in "those pictures in your bathroom"

blackbird said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky love!

I can't believe you put us in the same category frozen three layer cake. I feel like Jennifer Hudson being nominated for an academy award. Except that obviously the cake would win in this case.

Nothing beats cake.

Also, I'm half Slavic myself. We might be related. After all, how many of us could there be?

Sarah Louise said...

It is always time for some Pepperidge Farm frozen cake!! My mama used to shop at their "outlet store" in Olney, MD and so we always had some in the freezer. Haven't had any in YEARS though.

Anonymous said...

Love the pants.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, PG Tips.

Might be time for some new pants...although ON rarely fits me well.

Could you please stop reading so my to-read list won't grow anymore? Thanks.

Lisa Jean said...

I had forgotten about that cake. I loved that cake. Dad and I could almost eat a whole one by ourselves. Now I have to buy one. mmmmm

lazy cow said...

I thought I'd left a comment but it's disappeared into the ether.
Love coconut cake with a passion. Those pants aren't too shabby either.
I try and get organised using post it notes but the kids pinch them all the time.

nutmeg said...

Move over Babelbabe and LC I AM the post it note queen. The kids do not dare touch the post its! Besides my very large wallet they are my life line to my memory!

And those pants are classic and casual - excellent.