Monday, February 26, 2007

"We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky..."

Things you learn while watching "Little Einsteins" with your sick kids (which I am not entirely sure Playhouse Disney WANTS you to learn):

Antonin Dvorak was a hottie.

See? Toldja.

I was trying to place the music they used in this morning's episode, “Melody the Music Pet.” I wasn’t paying attention during the show because Seg was whining about waffles and Terzo was tantrumming about waffles, and, well, I was dreaming of a giant mimosa.
It was Dvorak’s "Humoresque Number 7."
I was happy to discover this but it did not ameliorate my desire for a mimosa.
Or Antonin Dvorak.

Also, I fear I am developing a completely inappropriate crush on this guy who sings about worms, and wanting to be a puppy dog, between episodes of “Little Einsteins” and “Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse”:

I can’t decide if it’s the dorky glasses, or the gorgeous laugh lines.
This might be worse than harboring feelings for Greg Wiggle.


In the process of searching for the damn Dvorak piece, I ran across this blog.
Very entertaining, but good Lord, how much TV do their kids watch?

Although I too admit an inordinate fondness for Emily Yeung.
That link is the official site and has the incredibly catchy theme song which I now sing all day long, but the animation is just unbelievably horrible. For a better idea of just how very engaging and adorable Emily Yeung is (I just want to SQUEEZE her), look:

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


Suse said...

Can I just say that when Son #1 was a wee tot, the Wiggles used to play at local community halls here (and one of the women in my mothers' group had gone to uni with them so we also had the inside goss). After each show they would hop off the stage and sell their merchandise and say hello to the children etc. And while that yellow wiggle was very nice and all that, it was the BLUE ONE WHO WAS THE HOTTIE. (I think he was also the only unmarried one, from memory).

That was a long paragraph for a little comment box.

blackbird said...

I'll count my's all NIN and Avenged Sevenfold over here.

Badger said...

Yeah, my kids just barely caught the premier of Playhouse Disney before promptly outgrowing it (ditto Nick Jr.). So we don't do that stuff.

But I would TOTALLY do Dvorak.

Paula said...

Ditto blackbird, and not even that anymore, it's all me,me,me.

I'm thankful my kids had the coice between, Sesame Street, reading, and playing. That's all. Nothing else.

Paula said...


BabelBabe said...

Suse - I *used* to like Anthony, but lately he's looking a little like he's had some bad work done, and his teeth are weird. His bottom lip doesn't move when he smiles. And now that Greg is ILL, well, the consumptive-male vibe is doing me in. Kinda like Keats. Why is that sexy? No idea, but it is.

Lisa said...

I also like Anthony (blue wiggle) the best. But Daniel Cook was way cuter than Emily Yeung (same theme song, same show, different kid.) And now I'm humming it. Better than singing I'm the Map! all day long.

Anonymous said...

We got very tired of Daniel Cook a few years ago.

When I was a kid, Bugs Bunny was what was on TV for kids. Bugs Bunny has incredible classical music soundtracks. Now, many years later, whenever I hear any classical music, I see Bugs Bunny cartoons in my mind.

I hope your kids get better soon. I'm at home with a sick kid, too. She's not watching TV, she's working on a spreadsheet about her horses on

nutmeg said...

I was going to give you the scoop on Greg Wiggle but seems your already in the know ;-)

My youngest girl has recently "discovered" the Wiggles - there's been too many choruses of Big Red Car sung here today!

Velma said...

The Wiggles have been out of favor recently, thankfully. Emily Yeung is very cute, but Daniel Cook was more colorful, literally! I always dig the "orange shirt on a redhead" combo.

Anonymous said...

1. Greg Wiggle is hot. Amen.

2. The "I wanna be a puppy dog" guy melts me. I suspect he's too adorable to be straight though.

3. Emily Yeong is SO much better than Daniel Cook. Daniel Cook kind of freaked me out a little. He's so damn bossy I just wanted to take him down a few pegs. I'm going to hell for that last statement, aren't I?

Liberty USA of Michigan, Inc. said...

Well ladies...after stumbling upon this blog site searching for a piece of Dvorak music from an episode of Little Einsteins, my worst fears have been confirmed: The Wiggles are a conspiracy against all married and divorced men! Pitching themselves as a kids show, they secretly hypnotize and seduce stay at home moms, nannies, daycare providers, and even grandmothers with their cute songs extolling the virtues of "Fruit Salad..Yummy Yummy" as well as the likes of "Big Red Car".
While spending some time at home with my sick 5-year old son...and spending quite a few hours watching the Disney channel, I've concluded that these songs are simply sexual metaphor (e.g.-Prince's "Little Red Corvette") guised as sing-a-long kid's songs. What husband or sigificant other can compete with the likes of an Anthony with his brooding eyes, toothy-too white smile, and his disarming Aussie accent, or a Greg with his cute little cockeyed, smirky grin? And let's not forget Captain about that guy? Feathersword..hmmm...what woman feeling trapped at home with the munchkins wouldn't get weak and vulnerable while some pirate with knee-high leather boots, a patch over one eye, and a giant "feather sword" (more metaphor) prances around..thrusting his hips and gyrating around like one of the Chippendales! And once you get those songs in your head..singing them over and over, you're doomed! Should I allow my kids to continue watching or put a channel blocker on that allows viewing only when I'm home to moderate? LOL!!