Saturday, February 24, 2007

An apple a day keeps the doctor away> Ein Apfel ein Tag hält den Doktor weg> An apple one day holds the doctor away

Fun with Babel Fish

Email from H, in, of course, English:
Both Seg and Terzo managed to eat something at lunch and both are sleeping now. Seg looks a lot better.

Into Russian:
И Seg и Terzo управляли съесть что-то на обеде и оба спят теперь. Seg смотрит много более лучшим.

Russian back to English:
Both Seg and Terzo they controlled to eat something at the dinner and both sleep now. Seg looks much more best.

Email several hours later from H:
Seg not controlled for the food after all. Couch has seen better days.


Primo’s books-in-progress:

Meet Martin Luther King, Jr. (“I read up to chapter six and decided to take a break, I’d read enough.”)

Cam Jansen and the Ghostly Mystery (Lent to him by a teacher at school.)

Mike’s Mystery from the Boxcar Children series (“You can get me any number, they don’t join up like the Magic Treehouse books do. Like, for instance, the first Boxcar book is about when they are living in the boxcar, and the next will be about something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.”)

Primo’s upstairs book: Ice Hockey A to Z

Primo’s bathroom book: Fabulous Fallacies
(“Mom! Did you know that George Washington was really the NINTH President? And I read all about the story of Saint Patrick! I WONDERED how we got Saint Patrick’s Day!”)

I watched him walk down the steps from the second floor yesterday, his nose buried in a book. He cries when we turn the light out at night, even if we let him finish the chapter. He carries a book to school with him, to read in the car or waiting to be picked up. And about once a day he asks me to request a particular book or books from the library for him (at the moment we are waiting on a book about Helen Keller, and another about Harriet Tubman, plus a couple of Jim O’Connor hockey books).

He may look like H, but there’s no denying he’s mine!


Up next for me:
Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn, Happiness Sold Separately by Lolly Winston, and Lost City Radio by Daniel Alarcon. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe all at once, for that matter.


lazy cow said...

Oh dear, poor Seg. At least you didn't have to clean it up.
I love the way our kids gulp down all these facts. The Girl was informing me 'yeast is a living organism' and 'strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside' this morning while reading a cookbook.
The Lolly Winston isn't as good as her first, which I loved, but it's a pleasant way to pass the time.

nutmeg said...

Oh, I bought Lost: Search For Six of Six Million about a month ago. I splurged and bought it in hardback. I heard so many good things about it but now I'm a bit afraid to start it lest it not live up to it. But I'm sure it will....

Kathy said...

Have they started reading under the covers using flashlights yet?

Sarah Louise said...

That's what I did. Because my parents, non-readers that they were, didn't even think that I would do such a thing. Happy memories, those, with a flashlight under the covers...

Kathy said...

I often wondered what my parents thought I was doing sleeping with my covers over my head all the time. Turns out, my mom knew I was reading -- she just let me read until I fell asleep.

tut-tut said...

Reading; can be a most dangerous occupation . . .