Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Let's put the blood back in Valentine's Day!" - MsCellania

Ok, dudes, I am not even going to TRY to be clever.
Go read Joke's explanation of the history of SAINT Valentine's Day, and the attendant comments.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, your heart will be warmed.

Happy VDay, all. (and is it wrong that I always want to type that VD Day? Hmmm....)



Joke said...

Oh, and Al Capone took care of MsCellania's wishes.


P.S. My WVW is "hutape" which sounds like something pretty Darwinian.

Badger said...


My WVW, I shit you not, is mykitn. And I will no doubt fuck it up, and have to retype something more along the lines of mxxzyamneymne.

Sarah Louise said...

My sister sent me two cards. One was a nice flowery card. The other goes like this: "Anti-Valentine Teddy. If you are sick of this holiday, pull the string" (Picture of a teddy with a heart with a circle and a slash on his teeshirt.)Then you click, I mean pull, on the string and get this: "Did you know Valentine's Day actually commemorates the hanging of St. Valentine?" Keep pulling the string and you'll hear the bear burp, put down Cupid, ("He creeps me out") and remind you that roses only live 4-5 days anyways.

Ah love.

nutmeg said...

Babelbabe! At this rate you will have thousands of labels! VD? Magic Swizzle? At least you've used the latter twice already - I hope the former doesn't need another airing :-)

I like your anarchist tendencies.

Hope the biscuits and hot choccie warmed you all up. I don't like the sound of snow then sleet then ice then another layer of snow. How is anyone supposed to get around with that time bomb laying in wait?

Joke said...


By now we've all evolved into houseapes, which works out well for the bank that holds our mortgage.


P.S. One time I had--I SWEAR!!!!--"njcop" as my WVW

MsCellania said...

I did a double take at your heading and then thought "I knicked my name from a famous author?"
Ah, No....

Oh, and when I read Joke's 2nd reply, I read 'house apes' as 'howsappas' - that is how completely and totally mentally exhausted I am.

Paula said...

VD day, heh-heh.

Suse said...

And now you have to go back and find that post you did where you showed all the little VD's in black permanent marker that Primo wrote all over the house and furniture and categorise it under VD and I am planning on making this the longest ever incoherent sentence on behind the stove's combox can you tell it's late at night here?