Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Luck consists largely of hanging on by your fingernails until things start to go your way." - Aaron Allston

I read Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects yesterday.

I chewed off all the fingernails on my right hand.

Then I chewed off all the fingernails on my left hand.

By the time I started on my cuticles, my jaw was killing me and I was thirty pages from the end.

Good thing, too, because cuticles will only get you so far.

I turned the last page and drew what felt like my first breath in several hours.

And then I went to find the Band-Aids to bandage up my bleeding cuticles.


Jess said...

Is that a positive review, or what?

I Chewed My Cuticles Off, raves BabelBabe

kilowatthour said...

i take it you liked it, then.

lazy cow said...

Ooh, that good? I've only read one crappy thriller this year (Hello Bunny Alice) and I need a good one. Off to check the library catalogue.

Badger said...

So, you're saying I should move this one from my wishlist to my cart and have done with it, already?

Booklogged said...

A good, nonstop read, huh? I hope my nails can take the punishment.

Kathy said...

And I just finished the book I was reading and need a new one.