Saturday, January 27, 2007

"You want to be a part of my life, I'm not editing out the parts you don't like." - Arnold, in "Torch Song Trilogy"

L, this quote is for you, love.

[Clarification: The other L, dear D/L. And not you, my sweet Aussie L. Why are all of you named L names? Sheesh. Must I say Dr L? If I must...]


I seem to have blog block.

So – here it is, all the news that is fit to print, in no particular order (I have to say, no one seems to read on weekends anyway, so I have some time to recover):

Primo, who spent two days at home this week, and almost all of those two days hacking up lungs, went to the doctor this morning and is home resting on the couch, wrapped in blankets and armed with albuterol and a nebulizer, a stack of Beverly Cleary books, and Shel Silverstein’s Lafcadio.

Seg, who wet his bed twice and then MY bed as well last night, also was taken to the doctor where he was tested for diabetes. He is, thank God, negative. So it’s just a developmental thing and the doctor assures us he will likely grow out of it within the year. Meanwhile, NO ONE is permitted in Mama’s bed again EVER.

Terzo had to come to work with me for what I thought would be fifteen minutes and turned out to be more like an hour; he did manage to charm the pants off everyone in the library in that time. Thankfully, we are never busy first thing Saturday morning, and he was mostly content to run his cars in and out, and in and out, and in and out of a cardboard box. Although I did feed him a small bag of Whoppers, too. Most of which he sucked the chocolate off of and then spit the rest out into my hand.

It’s forty-five degrees today! What’s up with that? I was hoping to check out the duck pond at the park as a possibility for some ice skating…

I finished everything I was going to read from David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster and it was just fine. Actually, the lobster piece was interesting; the Tracey Austin piece was hilarious; the piece about the adult film (AVN) awards was…disturbing. Nothing else really did that much for me. Life is too short to read about stuff about which I could not care less. For that matter, it dawns on me that life is too short to read about adult film awards.

I was going to start Inheritance of Loss but just couldn’t deal with it last night, so I picked up one of the books I scored at my extravagant Half-Price Books bacchanalia last week (which I STILL haven’t written about, I should just post a list a la Lazy Cow), Maisie Dobbs. So far, maybe a wee bit pretentious, but fun. Not totally light fluff, and interesting. If you like the Mary Russell books (Peg, I mean you!), I am thinking you will like these.

I am considering taking home John Connelly’s The Book of Lost Things.
I am considering going to see “Pan’s Labyrinth,” by myself if need be, this weekend. Because I want to see it.
And H does not.
Which means I will never ever rent it.
Although I admit I am enjoying our current marathon of “Arrested Development” very very much.

I just want to go home, peel off these dratted tights - God, how I hate tights - put on some comfy clothes, and eat pizza for dinner. Is that so wrong? Said sentiment is what led me to search "Torch Song Trilogy" for quotes; must've been the Harvey Fierstein.


This makes me to laugh and laugh. I remember it as being part of a guest appearance of John Denver's on "The Muppet Show" but I must have imagined that.


So much for blog block.


hungry in LA said...

I always read your blog on the weekends. I am home and miserable with a fever of 102 and can't even read, I am that cranky. Will you come here and take care of me, I promise to neither eat any of your pizza nor wet the bed.

blackbird said...

I just can't read about neb treatments without getting a lump in my throat...good luck with it.

And, I just want to say, I can't almost FEEL the warm wet whopper interior freshly spit into my hand!
What mother hasn't?

nutmeg said...

I have a slight reprieve in the bed wetting arena while daughter #2 is still in nappies. But toilet training time is approaching :-(

Tracey Austin was down here til the other day commenting at the Australian Tennis Open. I'm intrigued as to what Wallace wrote about her!

Yes please to the book list and pizza. And I loved The Muppet Show when I was a kid. I used to watch it with my dad. I knew there was something else I did when I wasn't reading all those books :-)

nutmeg said...

That last line was supposed to be a joke - as I hardly read at all as a kid. My writing abilities aren't up to scratch - as the tone was all wrong on that one!

Katy said...

Primo is what, 5?!?! And he reads Beverly Cleary on his own? When he's sick? What kind of a freaking genius do you have? Do the other kids make fun of him? Does he even *get* the books?

Caro said...

I don't really like the middle of Whoppers. I never thought of eating just the outside. Hmmmm.

Sarah Louise said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Primo asked for Dickens, next...

Never saw that bit on Sesame St, but love this song. I learnt it at camp and even made up my own verses. But I sing it faster that the dog does. What is the dog's name???

Joke said...


Adult videos have awards?

Any other thing I could possibly add to this comment would land somewhere between rather and wildly inappropriate, so I'll stop now.


Peg said...


I might be a bit late with the info, but that's none other than Rowlf the Dog, voiced by Jim Henson. He made an album called "Ol' Brown Ears Is Back," which has a bunch of great songs on it: "Halfway Down The Stairs," based on the A.A. Milne poem and originally sung by Kermit's nephew Robin the Frog; "You Put A Piece of Carbon Paper Under Your Heart (And Gave Me Just a Copy Of Your Love)," "Lydia, The Tattooed Lady," and more.

(Sorry, BB, but she asked...)