Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit. - Robert Burns

Things for which I am thankful:

I have boys and not girls

We didn't name Seg "Lennon"

Seg firmly believes he is capable of nursing Mimi.

“You pitty, Mama.”

Terzo's chewable toes, belly, and fingers

Primo's newest song lyrics: "We all sunk in the black Titanic," sung to "Yellow Submarine"

Twistables crayons

Two of the three are potty-trained; also, disposable diapers

“Little Einsteins”

Working Saturdays

My house has not fallen down around my ears yet

The laundry chute

Three and a half bathrooms

Ceiling fans

The neighborhood coffee shop

The neighborhood coffee shop lets me run a tab

The United States post office, for giving me at least (if small) one thrill a day

My big brother, who is NOT coming for Thanksgiving after all but whom I suppose I love anyway even if he did push me down the stairs when I was sixteen

My little brother (who is just about my favorite (grown) person in the entire world) and the fact that he, the uber-conservative, has not yet cut his baby’s hair either

Cats who put up with toddlers who try to ride them


My therapist, my shrink, and the lovely drugs with which they provide me

That said, rum

Opposable thumbs

Colorsafe bleach

Softsoap milk & honey bodywash

Ragg wool socks

Coolmax, and Adidas running shoes


Jockey for Her string bikinis

Mens’ pajama pants

Thrift stores

Great Lash waterproof mascara

Electric toothbrushes, Glide dental floss, and my retainer


Irish breakfast tea

Frozen French bread pizza, and microwave popcorn

Hazelnut Five Star bars

Peppermint mochas

Buffalo bites with blue cheese

Rubber-tipped kitchen tongs

The whisk attachment on my Kitchenaid mixer

My Philadelphia Flyers coffee mug

40 mpg highway

The Atlantic City Expressway

James Taylor’s greatest hits album, Radiohead’s “OK Computer” album, and Dar Williams, especially “Mercy of the Fallen,” “Aleluia,” and the Mortal City album

Friends who recommend books

Neil Gaiman, David Mitchell, and the Booker Prize shortlist

Simon James, Robert Munsch (except for Love You Forever), Patricia Coombs, and Hilary McKay

Interlibrary loan

OPACs, and especially electronic requesting and email notification

Flip phones

Text messaging

That happy little “Ding!” when you get a text

My laptop

That happy little “Ding!” when you get an email


Craig’s List, Tetris, Merriam Webster Online, Google & Google Scholar, PubMed, and Wikipedia

Oh, ok, fine, Blogger, too

My sweet little Internet ones (yes, that means you all)


MsCellania said...

And THANK YOU right back!
(from the person who is NOT doing the turkey today)

Paula said...

Happy Thanksgiving bb!

Suse said...

I am guessing that this is this thing called Thanksgiving that you furriners celebrate?

Happy thanksgiving.

I am curious (and envious) that you have three AND A HALF bathrooms. And don't quite know how to ask ...

Also, I love Google Scholar, but JSTOR is even better.

Rubber tipped kitchen tongs - what a brilliant idea.

We are thankful for you too dear BB.

Joke said...

Happy Thanksgiving from your other favorite uber-Goldwaterite (who DID cut the boys hair at one year).


Lynne@Oberon said...

What a lot of lovely things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for your thanks and for you :)
But, there's nothing wrong with having girls!!!

Badger said...

Twistable crayons are all kinds of awesome.

Bec said...

Thankful for having both two girls and a boy - so I get the best (and worst) of all of them!

also, for the opposable thumbs, without which almost nothing on either your list or mine would be possible!!

lazy cow said...

So thankful for you too (and coming from a family with ONE bathroom - v. envious of your 3 1/2). Written as I drink my first Irish Breakfast tea at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning.

Gina said...

And I am thankful for you, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

"The Booker prize short-list" - hahaha. I like that one. Also, I would rate OPACs above, well, even cell phones in terms of usefulness to me personally.

blackbird said...

a WONDERFUL list -

I hope the day was good to you...

(Lennon - shudders a little)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with girlies?

Your coffee shop lets you RUN A TAB?

Anonymous said...


BabelBabe said...

true. but it is generally attributed to him, so it was an honest mistake. just look at the google search that got you here.

and there's no need to SHOUT.