Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yes, Virginia. I'm a Soccer Mom.

Today was the boy's first soccer game, and his first-ever experience playing on an organized sports team. They lost 2-1, but guess who scored the only goal? MY KID! His dad and grandfather were positively puffed up with pride. I, on the other hand, was more choked up. Thank God for sunglasses--no one had to know what a goon I am.

The boy had a great time, and is really looking forward to practice Monday evening. This is a big deal because he was very reluctant to play on any kind of team. His dad and I never made a a real issue out of it until this year, though, but we both agreed that it's important to have the experience of playing on a team, and we also agreed that 4th grade is probably a good time to get started. We told him to pick a sport, he chose soccer, and ended up on a team with one of his best friends as well as another 4th grader at his school.

Thankfully, it's a small league, and the parents all seem pretty nice. I'm still fighting an urge to paint my nails black and dye my hair blue, though; I haven't felt this rebellious since I was an adolescent. In fact, I don't think I felt this rebellious back then!


BabelBabe said...

I am buying you an SUV for Christmas...

Sarah Louise said...

Blue hair!! I just watched Eternal Spotless Mind (whatever--the Jim Carrey/Titanic girl movie) where she has the different hair colors.

Hey, now that you're a soccer mom, we'll all be looking to see who you'll vote for in the gubenatorial elections!

Badger said...

Woo! How awesome that he scored a goal in his first game!

You could always dye your hair black and paint your fingernails blue. I have blue toenails right now, in fact. Electric blue with pale blue glittery polka-dots. Because my girl child's new thing is giving her mom bizarre pedicures on the weekend.

It could be worse. She could be into giving haircuts. Or, you know, waxing. Or brain surgery.

lazy cow said...

I think it would be a perfect time to perfect your 'leave me alone scowl' and bury your face in a good book, briefly raising your head to cheer any goals.

momslo said...

Good going for the one son! getting a goal like that must might grand!!

My good friend currently has a nice hue of pink in her hair-you should see the looks...What? Older mom's can't be cool too.shhhs

oh, by older mom- i meant my friend and I-not you.

Suse said...

Soccer practice means lots more reading time for the mums. I love taking my boys to soccer practice or music lessons ;)

Joke said...

Paint your nails blue and your hair black.

That's the ticket.