Saturday, September 23, 2006

"And I'll get to sleep at night. The deep slumber of a father whose daughters are not out being impregnated." - Walter Stratford

The twisted Five Spices meme, swiped from Suse by way of Bec via Joke, or something like that.
(I feel like I am describing a racehorse, for God's sake!)

Five things I wish were in my freezer:
  • A jar of my homemade limoncello
  • A few spare loaves of banana bread
  • A pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream
  • Some Stouffer’s French bread pizzas
  • Something to be defrosted for dinner tonight

Five things that shouldn't be in my wardrobe:
  • My wedding dress. Like Suse. But what the hell are you supposed to DO with it?
  • At least a half dozen pairs of pre-children shoes. I LOVE my black Paul Green lace-up oxfords, and they were so expensive I hate to give them up, but they really are a size or two too small now. Also pair of pink Chuck Taylors. What was I thinking?
  • All the ratty, elastic-showing underwear, and the bras that no longer offer any support at all, like those cute little stretchy Barely There numbers I wore pre-children.
  • All the clothes that are size 12 and under, that don’t fit and probably never will again. Why do I continue to torture myself?
  • The turquoise and black abstract print dress I wore to the last wedding we attended.

Five things I hate about my car:
  • No automatic locks
  • No automatic windows
  • All the Cheerios, raisins, graham crackers, and various toys and bits of toys embedded in the carpet, stuffed under and into the seats, and scattered on the floor/seat/carseats
  • The cup holders are not big enough for a Starbucks venti cup.
  • There are never any quarters in the change box. (Like that’s the *car’s* fault.)

Five things I should throw out of my handbag/purse/briefcase/backpack:
(I clean my bag out on a regular basis - part and parcel of my OCD dealio. So I had to really stretch for these.)
  • The dried-up baby wipes
  • The lipstick I never use
  • All the crumpled post-its, receipts, and old grocery lists
  • The Matchbox car/teething ring/Happy Meal toys
  • The plastic eating utensils
    (No, no tampons, Blackbird. I have been pregnant or nursing for more than five years now.)

Five things I don't want to admit are in my bathroom:
  • A big bottle of Zoloft, and a variety of sleeping pills
  • Head and Shoulders shampoo
  • More facial cleansers and toners than you can shake a stick at
  • The plunger
  • The stupid potty seat


blackbird said...

I'll send you a box...

Sarah Louise said...

Now there's a care package...

Badger said...

What size are the pink Chucks? Because I might be willing to take them off your hands.

Bec said...

so glad you did this version. (and played RSM for the first time - good picks!)

I'm thinking Jeff Koons could really do something special with the collective reject contents of our bags and wardrobes - and if we charged him enough to take the stuff away, we could afford to re-stock our freezers and buy new cars.

Suse said...

I am feeling SO loved today. I've just come straight from Telfair's place and her latest post had links to me, now I come here et voila. More!

Oh pardon, is my look-at-me petticoat showing?

My car has neither electric windows, electric doors, keyless entry, alarm, nor cup holders. Because that would be too posh and modern. It does have electric side mirrors though and what did we do before they were invented? (Crash a lot when adjusting the passenger side one on the freeway, I imagine).

Suse said...

PS. I have no idea who Walter Stratford is or what he has to do with this meme, but I like the sound of him.

Heh heh. WV is upsfuk.

BabelBabe said...

Badge - they're nine and a halves. I have huge feet.

Suse - Walter Stratford is the dad in the terrific movie "10 Things I Hate About You." > five thought process on quotes is not always clear but they are almost always related somehow. even if just in my weird brain.

sara said...

Big fan of the Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas over here, too.

And that's an excellent call on the "change box never having quarters." My car seems to eat quarters, too...maybe it's like a dryer eating socks thing?

Paula said...

I have limoncello in my fridge. Not homemade:(.

nutmeg said...

Hi Babelbabe. I have been lurking around here for a little while. I too had a go at Bec's 5 Things.... Your banana bread in the freezer reminded me I usually have some very ripe bananas in the freezer to make said bread (of which I have none at the moment :-(). My Australian-based, American-born girlfriend gave me her long handed down recipe for banana bread and it is excellent. Americans sure not how to use oil and sugar!