Monday, April 21, 2008

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target” *

It was bound to happen eventually – I didn’t get to the library this weekend to pick up my holds and they were sent back – and I cannot remember what I requested. Oh well, it’s not as if I don’t have plenty to read – but more on that later.

I managed to get all the trim but the window painted in the bedroom that is going to be H’s. This morning Terzo, Quarto (affectionately known as Darth at the moment), and I went to the NEW Target (oooohhh…) to buy:

1) unbreakable cereal bowls. One of the handcrafted pottery bowls that H and I collect was accidentally chipped at my impromptu birthday festivities Friday evening – our own fault for using them, but we had ice cream to feed people, so there you have’s time for some Melamine for this household. I spotted some lovely ombre blue and white bowls at the old Target on Thursday but there were only two then, so today at the NEW Target when there were eight upon the shelf, I scooped them up, and eight matching salad plates and the six remaining dinner plates. I am becoming the queen of mismatched dinnerware –but it’s all in lovely shades of blue and white and turquoise so it’s all good and pretty and interesting.

2) window blinds for my boys’ room and H’s new bedroom. Because our house is so old, our windows are ginormous. But I found two of those new honeycomb cordless blinds in “Cottage White” for the boys, and a looooong off-white jute Roman shade for H, which will be covered with some plain unbleached muslin curtains. As soon as I finish painting the window frames, I will install these, and shift H’s closet contents, and set up his futon. And maybe my two older boys will stop waking up all night long, because the street lights outside the window will be blocked…

3) Snoopy socks for Terzo (gotta love those $1 bins), and
4) some coconut SoftSoap body scrub for me (in place of my lovely but now unfindable milk and honey bodywash), and
5) some nice hooks for the back of my bedroom door, for my bathrobe (not that I ever wore a bathrobe in my life before, but now I wear a light-blue cotton robe from Saks that I found at a thrift shop and LOVE it. It gives the Neutrogena body oil time to dry.)

And then, as I was handing the cashier my $5 off coupon that my neighbor had given me, I smelled the lovely toasty scent of coffee. There is a Starbucks RIGHT IN THE NEW TARGET.
Absolute heaven.
Could a shopping trip get any better?
Retail therapy is SO effective sometimes.


*Ashleigh Brilliant


Anonymous said...

The two types of blinds honeycomb cordless blinds in “Cottage White” and a long off-white jute Roman shade covered with some plain unbleached muslin curtains gives a lavish look. You can get more information about roman blinds which I browsed from the internet may fetch you help.

blackbird said...

I am mad proud of your Target skillz.

Anonymous said...

My little wild man managed to break his melamine spiderman bowl yesterday. Granted, it did make impressive ground contact. He thought it was so unfair of me to throw it out.

I'm considering those honeycomb shades too, but am a bit concerned about them being dust catchers. The horizontal blinds we have now are awful, and completely covered in dust. I love the Roman blinds!

Jess said...

Happy belated impromptu birthday.

It's dangerous for me to go to Target, because I always seem to find a new cute dress that I must have. And I tend to pick up a chocolate bar for the road.

Doesn't your library keep track of canceled holds? Our system puts a message on the account so the hold can be placed again.

Sarah Louise said...

the new one you mean just beyond Blawnox? Haven't been there yet.

Retail therapy is great.



Caro said...

Three cheers for retail therapy!

Jess said...

And hurrah for mis-matched blue and white plates! I love blue and white dishes and gleefully mis-match...thwarted somewhat by a gift of some very lovely red and white Rochester Pottery pieces...but I love them too, so my family just grins and eats.