Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"I would like to hold my little hand."*

It's been a very stressful - on many levels - week.

Today I recalled, inadvertently, one of the best stress reducers I have ever used: this album, CRANKED, while I lie on the floor with my eyes closed and lose myself in the music, especially tracks 2 ("Send Me on My Way"), 9 ("Martyr"), and most especially 10 ("Back to the Earth").

I was a Rusted Root fan when they were playing teeny little clubs like the Artery in Pittsburgh. I saw them at Graffiti more times than I can recall (dancing myself into a sweaty mess every single time), and spent four New Year's Eves in a row at one of their shows. I once drove to West Virginia to catch them at the Nyabinghi. And no one was happier for them than I, when they got a record contract and started touring with the likes of Blues Traveler and the Dave Matthew's Band.

It turns out that the boys dig them too - no surprise, with their strong rhythms and complex tunes. They are a drummer's dream.

A few tunes, and a nice stiff drink, and I am MUCH more relaxed.


Suse said...

Nice to see you back dear.

Sarah said...

Few things help stress like music. Hope it's helping.

I didn't realize that Rusted Root is a Pittsburgh band. Cool!

Caro said...

I will have to check them out.