Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"I...uh....you, you can't do - - - I mean, you just....what do you think...you can't...!" *

Oh, dudes.
The cookie mall.
I hate the cookie mall.
Not that I have ever BEEN to the cookie mall.
But I have to bake for it tonight, and I don't want to.
I WANT to curl up in my cozy bed with my new copy of New Moon and bone up on the Volturi, and then move onto my new copy of Eclipse, to refresh all the vampire's back stories.
Shut. Up.
It's been a loooooooooong day.

At least I am not watching "Twilight."

*Bella, as living proof that vampires make you stupid


Eleanor said...

I had to google "cookie mall". I would buy that pre-made dough from the supermarket and stick in extra m&ms to make it look more home-made. I hate compulsory, good-intention, guilt-ridden baking. Gives me indigestion just thinking about it.

I need to know about these "new copies" of the books you have. Have you worn out the old copies? Impressive.

Have you see "New Moon" yet? What did you think? I loved it!

Badger said...

I googled it too and I STILL have no idea what it is. Is it like a bake sale? Are those compulsory where you live? Because I just say no to crap like that, yo.

Mouselegs said...

I had to Google it too. I'm still not very clear but got distracted by the mention of a Joy of Cookies Tour. Huh? You live in a strange world. Now I feel compelled to Google "Joy of Cookies Tour". I'm beginning to see why I never get anything done around here.