Friday, December 18, 2009

And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing right within your heart.

  • Am currently burning the 28 CDs of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander to my computer. I assume it will make some lovely listening while I knitknitknit.
  • However, I also am enjoying listening to Anna Karenina via LibriVox. I have tried to READ AK any number of times; the listening is much pleasanter.
  • All this audio goodness is to help me knit the four baby hats my husband asked me to knit for baby-having coworkers. He asked last week. He wants them before Christmas.
  • It was a good excuse to go buy yarn I might not otherwise: a pale pink alpaca/silk blend, and some gorgeous Malabrigo silky merino.
  • At least one of the hats I am knitting is the pink ruffly dealio in here.
  • It's already so adorable I could scream.
  • I am also knitting the umbrella edge beanie in here. I am just not sure in what color yet, although I have some gorgeous soft turquoise-y blue Malabrigo worsted lying around...
  • I am reading actual real live hard copybooks. I swear.
  • I am totally in love with Lillian Nattel's River Midnight. Engrossing and complex and human. LOVE this book.
  • I want to own this, as I will reread it.
  • I also started Kate Jacobs' Knit Two last night. Oh, how I want to love these books, like I love Gil McNeil's Beach Street books.
  • But I don't. They are cold and detached. I don't LIKE any of the characters. She's like Jennifer Chiaverini with all the schmaltz but none of the redeeming heart.
  • I am doing my own Christmas shopping, mostly at Persephone Press. Will keep you updated on my selections.
  • I am also buying myself a lovely pair of chestnut short Uggs boots.
  • I think.
  • Unfortunately, all the Amazon packages flowing into the house these days contain gifts, not goodies for me.
  • I bought H this and this for Christmas. Just today.
  • Our tree is bought and up. It's easily nine feet tall, and smells gloriously like oranges. The tree guy says this is typical of Douglas fir trees.
  • Outside lights are up, framing our front door, and the rest of the decorations will go up this weekend.
  • Baking for teacher gifts will commence this evening. I am leaning towards lemon slice.
  • Kim gave me the world's best lemon bar recipe ever. I think they're festive enough for Christmas gifts...
  • The boys completed their shopping at the school store, and all mysterious packages are sequestered in my bedroom.
  • I hear we may get a few inches of snow this weekend.
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
  • THIS is more like it.


Mary said...

What an incredibly satisfying post -food, books, knitting and Christmas - bliss!

Suse said...

Oh yes that was wonderful. I am exhaling with pleasure.

I have just listened to Wide Sargasso Sea on audiobook and am now listening to Jane Eyre, because I like to do these things in the right order. Did you ever read Telfair's post (few months ago?) on Jane Eyre ? It cracked me up. All about how if Mr Rochester was on facebook she'd defriend him. And then in the comments she was even funnier.

But I digress.

It IS sounding very Christmassy over your way.


KPB said...

I'm not sure you will ever understand how honoured I am that you are going to give my lemon slice as Christmas gifts. And yes, it just sings a piece of summer in the midst of your wintery Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying The River Midnight. I'll be starting the next draft of my latest novel after Christmas. In the meantime I'm knitting slipper socks for my kids and learning to sew!

BabelBabe said...

Gah! I am always so thrilled and excited when a real live author comments on my blog!
(I am a dork : ))
Hi, Lilian, I am so excited you're writing your next novel; I await it eagerly.
Kim - H just ate three of my remaining 8 eggs. Grrr. so half the people are getting lemon slice, and half are getting something not requiring eggs. Because i am not going out in this snow to buy eggs.

Anonymous said...