Thursday, September 10, 2009

The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.

Oh for pete’s sake, people, I am BUSY. What do you want from me?

Oh. You hadn’t even noticed I was absent?
My bad.
Nothing to see here, move along.

I am no longer editing dissertations. Which also means I no longer have a babysitter two days a week. This is better for everyone, trust me. (Except, you know, people who read my blog. Because I am no longer in front of my computer all day twice a week.) Most clients pay a lot of lip service to the concept of me working only 16 hours a week, on 2 consecutive weekdays, but in reality I was emailed and called all hours of the day and night, including weekends, and I found myself snarling at my children and ignoring my family to get work done – most of which was probably underappreciated. I was stiffed by one client, and fired by another because she was not my priority, and I had had it.

My dear beloved babysitter was making a two-bus trek across town twice a week because she loves me and she loves my boys, but now, if something crops up, I can always take them to her house and she’ll watch them whenever I need her. So I can, you know, go get a massage or whatever. (Ha. Like that’s likely. In fact, H just asked if I really needed to pay her to watch Q on Terzo’s first morning of preschool. Since the other option is my MIL, who is getting elderly and doesn’t like to watch Q if he’s awake, and since it’s not likely he’ll sleep from 830 am till noon, that option is not an option.)

The two older boys started school, and Terzo starts next Monday (I will cry even if his incessant chattering makes my ears feel like they’re bleeding), and then I will be home alone with one small child for half the day and two small children the other half of the day and oh, what shall I do with all my free time? Perhaps I will blog more consistently. If you’re very very lucky.

Because now that I no longer have to spend my evenings correcting bad grammar, I actually have some time for both my WordTwist addiction and my book addiction. I have been reading. Lots of cool stuff. So brace yourself.

That is all.

Wait, no it's not:
P.S. I think my children have sucked all my funny out. Along with my snarky and my smart. I am not deluding myself when I say I used to be quite a bit more clever. Now I am all, "Insert Blog Post A into Blog Reader B..."
Someday the funny will return.

*Lawrence Kutner


Amelia Plum said...

i don't think there's any way that you'll ever lose your funny, snarky or smart. not gonna happen even, if the kids try to suck it out of you.

Katy said...

I notice when you are gone. Of course, it is not my place to complain about anyone's lack of blogging since I stopped about two years ago. I can't believe Terzo is already 3 and going to preschool. Pictures?

Oh, and why do you have to go to preschool with Terzo? Can't you just drop him off and pick him up? I mean, not that you shouldn't get a sitter if you want, I'm just wondering what exactly you will be doing at preschool all morning.

ThirdCat said...

Your funny will be back. In fact, it's still there, don't you think?

Also, that lip service to part time work...clearly universal. Everyone tells you they get it, but no one really does.

Sarah Louise said...

You're back!! YAY!! And if you were hating the dissertation thing so much, good for you for stopping.

And your funny, oh, I'm so not worried.


BabelBabe said...

Katy - The preschool requires us to stay for at least his first day. I think he's going to be just fine but they worry, I guess.

SL - I didn't necessarily hate the dissertations, just the people writing some of them : )

KPB said...

I am ever so pleased. I have been worried about you for an awfully long time and was secretly hoping you would come to this decision. Four kids is h.a.r.d. Four kids plus working is nigh on impossible.

Your funny is still there, it's just been under the blanket of life for a while.

Welcome back bloss. I've missed you a LOT.

Unknown said...

I used to be funny too, pre-kids. Welcome back!