Thursday, April 12, 2007

“You don't have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.” - John Ciardi

I need to read this book NOW.
Because I just read this.
And I am now in love.

In other news, I bought this today and couldn't wait to start reading it.
And it's all Gina's fault. She's the one who turned me on to Scarlett Thomas, damn her! But Ms Thomas's books are not that simple to find, so when I stopped in a little hole-in-the-wall bookshop on my way home from the Italian grocery and they had this, I had to buy it, even without my Borders voucher or my B&N discount card.

And I was all excited and happy and looking forward to starting it after I wrap up Kaaterskill Falls (love, by the way), and then some idiot kid pulled out of a parking lot, blowing through his stop sign, and made a left turn RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and even though I was not speeding and I had the right-of-way, I had to slam on my brakes to avoid smashing up the rental car. So now there is a crockpot's worth of vegetable soup all over the passenger-side floor of the rental car (I was on my way to city-council campaign headquarters with fortification for the volunteers) and my Scarlett Thomas buzz was KILLED, I tell you.


--Deb said...

Love the library article!

Caro said...

Grrrrr. I hate when somebody ruins a good buzz!

MsCellania said...

Shit, Girl; you are suffering some seriously Bad Carma!
Burn Some SAGE!
Sorry about your soup.
Sorry about the cake too,come to think of it.

Gina said...

I can't *wait* until you've read Mr. Y, because I'm dying to talk about it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Inside the Mind was funny...

Sarah Louise said...

love that article--I'll have to look for said book tomorrow at work.

zounds, did my previous comment not save?

it went something like this: "Which hole in the wall bookstore by your Italian grocery???"

Driving today was a little dicey, I agree. I blame it on the whole Friday the 13th vibe. Oh, except you posted this on the 12th. Well, what can I say? Your reward will come.

Kathy said...

I loved that article about the library. Sometimes I just want to confiscate all cell phones from people as they come in the library. Why do they think we need or want to hear their conversations? And why can't they at least set them on silent for pete's sake.