Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"We have a great deal more respect, it seems, for religions in which people don't believe than the ones in which people do believe." - Anne Fadiman

I enjoyed very much, and wish she'd write more non-fiction like this.

I own, and love, and reread regularly.

I think I want, and am pretty sure I would enjoy.



Jess said...

You only just read Spirit Catches You? I was pretty blown away by it.

I love the cover on that new one.

Badger said...

I do not know her.

However, "religions in which people do not believe" does not compute in my brain. WTF does that mean, exactly?

lazy cow said...

I just sent you an email mentioning Miss Garnet's Angel, before I read your tags. Spooky. I love Ex libris too, but haven't read the others.
See, I'll comment, just for you.

nutmeg said...

I love Ex Libris. I have "seen" the Rereadings but didn't purchase it at the time as I'm waiting for another Borders discount voucher (I'm sooooo cheap - when it comes to books!) I'll have to have a look at the others now.

Here, here Lazy! Likewise, just for you (and a few other booky o/s blogs). I'm hiding a bit at the moment and enjoying the break immensely :-)

darkorpheus said...

I enjoyed Ex Libris and some of the essays in Rereadings -- In particular, Patricia Hampl's piece on Katherine Mansfield made me want to read Mansfield soon. Sometimes I just reread Ex Libris for the joy of it.

I'm looking forward to At Large and at Small later this year too. Isn't it wonderful to look forward to new books?