Monday, October 02, 2006

There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know. - Lewis Carroll

What to get for the one-year-old who has everything (well, when his two older brothers will let him have anything!)

This is the most eagerly-awaited gift for a Babe family one-year-old. H’s Aunt M cross-stitches one for every baby. And they are all exquisitely gorgeous works of art, created with much love. This is Terzo’s, and it will be hung up on his wall tomorrow.

I was disappointed this did not come with a shotgun and a box of shells. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Where IS Baby’s belly button? I know I put it down here somewhere….

He’s only a quarter Irish. I’m just saying…

A cozy and comfy place to sit, while catching up on the oeuvre of Erica Jong.

I’ve been coveting this stuffed chicken ever since the chicken show-and-tell. And now he is mine! Er, Terzo’s. But mine. I mean, if I steal from the kid’s piggybank, what makes you think I won’t steal his chicken?

I think we might have enough Lightning McQueens NOW.

What we really needed was more trains!

And construction vehicles!

Actually, I jest – these are all fine gifts, and Terzo loves them. See?

Mmmm, more things to chew on! (And look, there's that blue Chevy Lumina van again, Blackbird!)

Can I just tell you that these clothes are all 18 months size, and I am NOT SURE they’re going to fit. They may all be TOO SMALL. Yes, you heard correctly.
Now, Terzo has a cousin who is four months older than he is, whom he outweighs by almost five pounds. And granted, my sister-in-law is five feet tall and might weigh ninety-five pounds sopping wet, and I, well, I am built like the sturdy peasant stock from which I come. But seriously, folks, Terzo’s gigantic. He routinely eats more than my three-year-old. And as one of the guests kept pointing out with awe, “His hands are ENORMOUS.” Yeah, I’ll bet you say that to all the babies.

Terzo is walking now. On Wednesday he was only standing up by himself. By yesterday he was taking one or two steps. This morning he walked across the kitchen. So this, while a cool gift, is being returned. I thought maybe we’d get him a motorbike.
Oh, ok, no, not really. I actually think I will get him some more Thomas trains. Or maybe some wrapping paper. He really liked the wrapping paper. He seemed to prefer the green paper to the white - tastier, I guess.

And while most people brought Terzo birthday gifts, only Sarah Louise brought UNbirthday gifts for Primo and Seg. At the end of the long-anticipated day, all the cousins had gone home, all the presents were unwrapped and the cake eaten up, time to clean up and go to bed - sadness and some grumbling ensued - and there they were, the unbirthday presents, for Primo and Seg. It put a bow on a lovely day. Clever girl, that SL!


Joke said...

Oh, the irony of reading Fear of Flying on a TRAIN themed chair...don't think I didn't get that.


Bec said...

Clever, clever SL - and clever you for making it through the first year of baby three: safe, sound and not yet on remand. As one mother-of-three to another, well done!

Bec said...

Oh, and clever Terzo, of course! My only male child is also a giant baby. I try not to think about the increasing cost of his footwear overtaking the mortgage...

Badger said...

Did I wish him happy birthday yet? If not, Happy Birthday Terzo!!

And dude! My mom made that EXACT same needlepoint thingie for my boy child when he was born! Kind of freaked me out to see it here!

blackbird said...

Happiest of days (belated) to great big Terzo!

I remember the days when the presents would overrun the one was as smart as SL though.

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Terzo (and you too)!

Sarah Louise said...

on the un-birthday clever-ness: I was sibling'd TWICE the year I was ten. I got SOO sick of the babies getting gifts and NONE for me. It is now my mission in life to wreak vengeance--I mean, even the playing ground for older siblings everywhere.

Happy Birthday Terzo and Un-Birthday to Primo and Mezzo (see--it happens, you forget their bloggy names...)

Caro said...

Would you like me to send a shotgun and shells?

I think Walmart sells 'em.

Caro said...

I love that outfit.

Hopefully you can find it in the correct size.

Kathy said...

Terzo has him a huntin' outfit? Amazing. I loved that red outfit at the end. I also love the crosstitch -- I do crosstitch and wish I'd thought to do something like that for my kids when they were born.