Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

Last night, I was typing away madly on an email when I heard Seg crying in his bed. Now that we finally have The Baby sleeping thru the night, of course we have to tackle getting Seg through the night dry. Sigh.
I went to see what was up, and once he stopped sobbing, and could tell me what was wrong, he choked out: “I am afraid you are going to die while we are still little kids.”
It is moments like this that make me wonder if I should never have had children; I thought my heart was going to break right there, on the spot. I was fairly certain I was going to explode with love. I gathered him up into my arms, and kissed his sweet little face, and stroked his blond hair and held him tight and promised him like I had control over it: “I will never die while you are still a little kid. I will live and live until you are all grown-up and have kids of your own and you will be sick of me.”


Dudes, thank you all for the well wishes and support. NaNoWriMo doesn’t start till November 1, but I am busily outlining and researching and plotting away. And it was lovely that *someone* supported me because my GEM of a husband said to me, when I shyly disclosed my plans, “Why do you get to do exactly what you want? How are you going to find time to do that? I mean, you’ll need at least four hours a day and you have to take care of the kids and cook and…” (I am paraphrasing) at which point I tuned him out and heartily regretted even mentioning it. He better not kill my mojo! (Meanwhile Primo is fascinated by the whole endeavor and keeps asking me about my fictional characters as if they are real people that I work with or something.)

I suppose I could find all sorts of extra time to write if I could just STOP. PLAYING. JEWELQUEST. A few years ago I went through an intense Tetris phase – I mean, I was dreaming those little colored blocks falling, falling, falling. That is what this JewelQuest thing – keep in mind that I started playing because it was RELAXING – is turning into.

I really think you need to know that my high score on Jewel Quest last night, before I accidentally shut the computer down (don’t ask) was a whopping 207,176.


MsCellania said...

Lucky you; you get to immerse yourself in writing.
Lucky husband; he gets to immerse himself in home life.
It's ONLY 30 days. He can do it! (and of course, YOU can do it ;o)
This will end up being a gift you give each other.

Badger said...

Once when the girl child was about 2 or 3 years old, I promised her that she would never die. I HAD TO. You have no idea the conniption she was throwing. She was obsessed with it to the point of making herself sick, and I told her what she needed to hear. I really hope she doesn't remember that. (Of course, when she's 110 years old and finds out I lied, it's not like she'll be able to DO anything about it.)

I think you should tell H that you're checking into a hotel for the duration of your novel-writing, and that HE will be taking care of the kids and the cooking and whatnot, like DUH, and he can thank you when your novel becomes a bestseller.

Suse said...

Sweet Jesus, where's that bus when you need it?

Katy said...

you can come write your novel in Chicago... my apartment is good for visitors

Caro said...

Good luck writing.

I know a few things that can go by the wayside, things like doing your husband's laundry and cooking his dinner.

And he can cook for the dinner parties from now on too. :P

sara said...

I think you will write a fabulous novel and as Badger says, he will no doubt be heartily regretting his lack of strong support when it is a runaway hit and Hollywood buys the movie rights for seven figures.

Sarah Louise said...

My weakness is Free Cell on Yahoo. I love it when I win and the cards go all random and spinny and say "You win!"

And as for the novel thing--you're trying it. You won't know if you can do it (or stand doing it) till you try. So go for it. Everyone's a critic!!

Rogue Librarian said...

Okay seriously, H can pull his own weight for a few hours a day, and just shut up about it. I also like that Primo asks about the characters as though their real people. I remember an interview with Richard Russo where he says people always ask him what happened to certain characters after the novel ends, as though he gets letters from them once in a while.
By the way, I downloaded Tetris onto my iPod. That was a mistake.