Monday, October 09, 2006

"Since Don Alfonso refused to die of his wounds, he was strangled in his bed." - Burchard, Diarium

BB: I made you a lunch for tomorrow. Salami and capicolla on Italian.
H: (suspiciously) Really? Why? Are you going to poison me?
BB: (scornfully) No, poisoning is way too subtle for me.
H: You’re right. Not your style.
BB: No, although I fully admit that I could clobber you over the head with a cast-iron frying pan in the heat of anger. But you’re safe from premeditated malice.
H: Well, that’s a comfort at least.


Gina said...

G: (impatiently)What are you waiting for?

Joke said...

Now I understand the principled opposition to capital punishment.


Sarah Louise said...

I'm guessing by brevity that you *did* go to see the bears of polar? I'm in beta now--go see!

lazy cow said...

One must have a goodly amount of strength to lift a cast iron pan above ones head. Sadly, I am a weakling. So it would have to be poison for me.

Lynne@Oberon said...

Or slowly nagging them to death can be fun as well. Easier on the biceps and good for the bloodpressure ;)