Friday, June 26, 2009

"Well, me don't swim too tough so me don't go in the water too deep."

There is NO better litmus test for an excellent book than: Does it cause one to ignore and/or neglect one’s offspring?

I am halfway through the second novel (Living Dead in Dallas) in Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series (yes, the one that HBO series “True Blood” is based on (but I have never seen it nor do I intend to because the vampires are NOT hot)). (The first book is Dead before Dark.)

Yesterday evening, after a nerve-wracking afternoon at the pool, I came home, put the baby in bed, ordered a pizza for the boys, poured myself a double rum-and-Coke, and sat on the couch reading until I finally had to put the Pokemon players to bed at 10 before my husband got home.

Sookie Stackhouse is everything Bella Swan is not: independent, strong, able to stand on her own two feet. (And did I mention NOT wildly annoying?) Also? Fully capable of denying her vampire boyfriend utter control over her and her life. If Bill Compton took a part out of Sookie’s car so she couldn’t go somewhere he deemed unsafe, I would bet, vampire or no, Bill would suffer for it.

Even better, Bill gets this. He admires it. He likes Sookie’s intelligence, self-sufficiency, and vigor. He thinks it’s HOT.

Now, seriously, I think Edward gets sort of a bad rap. It’s not HIS fault Bella’s blood smells like baco, er….his “own personal brand of heroin.” That scent could just as easily have belonged to a competent, determined, and self-sufficient young woman. I would bet Edward would rather have a Sookie Stackhouse of his own.

You know, if he couldn’t have me.

*Bob Marley


Badger said...

Maybe that's why I hate the Twilight books so much? Because I read the Sookie Stackhouse books first? I swear, Harris's books are the only vampire books I can even STAND anymore. The others are either stupid, horribly written, or take themselves WAY too seriously.

ssheers said...

Oooooh another series to read! Maybe I won't reread the Twilight books this summer. If both you and Badger recommend these, then I guess I should read them.

Janet said...

Well, I'm sold. Off to check if my lame-o library has it.

b said...

I haven't read that series, but *no one* in Dallas has the name "Sookie" !!

Badger said...

b, Sookie's from Louisiana. Right near my DH's hometown, actually.

ssheers, you would LOVE these books.

And now I'll stop hijacking the commentbox.

b said...

well now, i feel better

Eleanor said...

I've watched True Blood and I agree that the vampires are not at all hot. I must say though...the tone of the series (it really only kicks in from episode 3/4) is very sexual and it really grows on a creepy and yet sexy a vampire might...I suppose..

I'll stop now.

Amelia Plum said...

Thought you might appreciate this vampire smack down. I didn't see your comment on my blog until this morning. Yes I could use a drink, or ten. Now I'm getting curious enough to want to rent True Blood, I'd read the books but wood in my house calls for stripping of paint.

Major Bedhead said...

I'm currently plowing my way thru these, too, and they're awesome. I like them so much better than Twilight.

The series is fantastic.

Kristin said...

I've read her other mystery series, but not the vampire one. I resisted because I feel she's one of those authors who puts her heroine in such bad situations, and really bad things happen to her, and sometimes I can't take it. But maybe this series is different. I need something new for the summer so I think I'll try it.

ssheers said...

Yes, BB and Badger are right: I am liking Sookie.