Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spit shine your shoes, Mabel, we're going dancing with Lord Stanley!

We love you, Penguins...
(and Sid the Kid, youngest captain to ever win the Cup, and all-around class act!)

Oh, yes, we do!
(And not just cuz you're 1) freaking adorable with your little beard, your floppy hair, and your cute French accent - oh, yeah, and your awesome goalie skillz! and 2) you scored two freaking goals! Clutch, baby!)

We love you, Penguins, and we'll be true!
(Unlike Marian Hossa, the big loser! Take that, jerk! From my hilarious and awesome friend Allison: "When you change lines at the grocery store because you think the other line is shorter, you always know what will happen, right? Now, that will forever be known as pulling "A Hossa.")

When you're not with us (but in Detroit!), we're blue (except we're not 'cause you won the Cup!)

Oh, Penguins, WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

You were here for the Lemieux, Coffee, Jager Pens, right? I really liked them, and was very happy for them, but I feel so . . . maternal toward these guys! Such a bunch of good boys! :-)

And . . . to Marion Hossa I say (in my best Nelson voice), "HA ha!"

Anonymous said...

COFFEY! Paul Coffey! Duh.

teachergirl said...

I trust you were on summer vacation so you could avoid the mess that was the Super Bowl?!

Amelia Plum said...

i'm with shirty on feeling maternal towards them. crosby is such a baby face and with that attempt at facial hair, it just cracked me up. they all seem so cute. i know they're playing a very manly, rough and tumble sport but they just seem adorable.