Friday, May 29, 2009

Mako sharks can swim up to 60mph, and are probably the fastest fish in the ocean.


The House at Riverton - by Kate Morton.
Everyone is talking about her other book, The Forgotten Garden, and I have that on hold at the library. But in the meantime, a librarian friend recommended this, her debut novel. What a good read, and would make a truly terrific movie. I recommend it.

The Language of Bees - Laurie R. King. King’s latest installment in the Mary Russell series. As usual, I am finding it slow, and I put it down and pick it up – Kind doesn’t write nailbiters. But it’s lovely, and I know the entire book will come together into a fulfilling reading experience, as the Russell novels do.

Twilight. The first time I read it, I whipped through it. I skimmed tons. The writing isn’t any better, but I can ignore that now since I have the movie running in my head while I am reading.

The Pure in Heart - Susan Hill. Simon Serrailler, Hill’s tall, blonde, and complicated detective, reminds me of a cross between Elizabeth George’s Thomas Lynley, and Val McDermid’s Tony Hill, with a soupcon of Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury thrown in. It verges more on the psychological side of the mystery, much like George, but is slightly more – workaday. Not a police procedural, though. I saw the newest one on the BestSellers’ shelf at the library, but tracked down the oldest one at that location; I am also interested in reading the first one.

I’ve also bought a ton of books – the church book sale is on again, and I traded a bunch of stuff in to Halfprice Books about a month ago. And my built-in bookcases are being installed Monday. So I will have another opportunity to play with, er, sort my books. But for now, I am going to bed with the Susan Hill book and some cherry cordial Hershey Kisses. I swam a little over half a mile this evening; I figure I can eat some chocolate. (See, Jess, I am still talking about books. In fact, I have a post brewing about swimming in novels. It's what i think about as I stroke up and down the pool, slow as a -- snail? Or a slow fish? Can anyone think of a slow fish? Hmmm....)


Mary said...

I think you need to do a half yearly summation of your favourite books to date so I can go check them out.

I'm very lazy I am afraid.

Suse said...

Did you finish Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl? If so, you must now read The Boleyn Inheritance. Told in 3 voices - Anne of Cleves, Jane Boleyn (George's widow) and Katherine Howard.

Lovely stuff. I'm currently listening to it - am on cd 12 of 16 so can't WAIT to get in my car (alone) each day and listen to it.

Badger said...

OH DUDE. I am reading Twilight again too, but it's totally against my will. It was the girl's turn to pick our family bedtime read-aloud book, and that's what she picked even though she's already read it, and everyone likes it best when I do the reading because I'm good at voices or something, and UGH. I definitely need to make a trip to Half Price soon so I can get something to distract her away from picking New Moon on her NEXT turn.

Jess said...

Yay! I'm headed to the bookstore this afternoon and it's good to hear you still talking about books. You can always make me want to read something without even really telling me what it's about or why you like it - which is pretty much the highest compliment in my world.

I'm looking forward to your post about literary swimming - I'm not a good swimmer, but I love the idea of it, so reading about it is perfect. I always think of that short story about the man who swims across suburbia via swimming pools - not exactly a positive depiction of swimming, but still.

Debi said...

I finally saw Twilight last night, with Noam. I had constant dual stream monologues running in my head while watching, "This is really excellent and fun" and "What is it about (my best friend from college) that makes THIS guy the perfect man for her?"

BabelBabe said...

hmm, is he perfect? Nah. All the sturm und drang would get on my 39-year-old nerves. But he's the perfect guy for 13-year-old me.

Kathy said...

I'm definitely looking forward to your post on swimming in literature. I have The Forgotten Garden but am not in the mood for it right now -- it seems like The House at Riverton is more what I'm in the mood for.

Samantha said...

Built in bookshelves - oh, happy day. I am constantly on the scout around my home to find a place for a new set of shelves.

[I have retired nutmeg from anothernutter blog and can now be found at]

And I see you have become a Jodi Picoult convert while I have been away - I gave her three chances but she just struck out too many times for me :-(