Friday, May 01, 2009

"Chicks love that romantic crap."

We were watching "Shrek" tonight.
As usual, when it is over, we have the conversation about who gets to be which character.
I, of course, being the only female, am Fiona.

Me: "Do I have to be Fiona fat and ugly and green?"
Seg: "Ma, you're not really fat."

*Donkey, "Shrek"


Mary said...

Hmmmm - not quite the response you were hoping for I suspect...

BabelBabe said...

Nah, at this point, I know better than to fish for compliments with that set.

Perpetually perplexed said...

It's a good comment from your son. At least he didn't say, "Ma, you're really not green." ;-)

Sarah Louise said...

Seg, ever the honorable son. I love that you have conversations about who would be whom in a movie.