Sunday, March 08, 2009

"N is for Neville who died of ennui..."

Well, a fat lot of good YOU are.

I expected an answer.
The right answer.
An answer that made me say, "Why, yes, yes, that is the very book I was thinking of, published within the past year or so and with practically an identical cover."
But, noooooooo.
I still love you, but honestly, people, I am a wee bit disappointed.

Kristin, I, too, immediately thought of Monsters of Templeton but we all know that I need hardly any excuse at all to further trumpet my love of Monsters.
Not so much, see?

Jess, I did what any logical person would do and checked the Wikipedia entry on Carson Ellis.
(Shhh, don't tell my librarian friends.)
This is her first book cover, BUT her website and her blog are quite lovely, and I had a great time perusing them. (Also, weirdly, I had just heard the most horrifically Godawful and harrowing song on our local indie radio station and when I finally figured out what/who it was?
The Decemberists.
The Rake's Song.)

So, despite Ms. Ellis's slacking on more book covers (I don't really mean that, dear), all is not lost. Even though I KNOW that these, neither of these, are THAT book, these are acceptable suggestions: Check 'em:

The inimitable Delta offers this: I had a sudden flash: a light blue/teal cover and the same twirly ribbon thing with words. Like it was from a template or something. I am thinking a book of children's poems or short pieces. A thin paperback. Like something I would have ordered from the Uncommon Reader when the boys were little. And maybe even passed on to YOU!!!
And wow, is she good! I found this on Primo's bookshelf:
John Ciardi's You Read to Me, I'll Read to You.

Which cover made me go, "Huh." How could I NOT have seen THAT before?
'cause, look:

And this:

Edward Gorey.

I see it.
Am I the only one?

Someday soon I will write a post on my inordinate love for the odd Mr. Gorey and his strange creations, and the totally awesome biography of his I read called Ascending Peculiarity, which is the most fitting biography title EVER. But now I must sleep. I am missing an hour, and I know it's here somewhere...


The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Edward Gorey


Badger said...

I thought it LOOKED like Gorey, but didn't think Gorey fit the rest of the requirements for the book you were thinking of, so I didn't mention it.

Or whatever the grammatically correct way is to say that.

Bearette said...

I thought of Gorey, too...but didn't know what book cover it looked like.

Jess said...

Maybe I like Ellis' illustrations because they remind me of Gorey...The Doubtful Guest is the BEST.

blackbird said...

I'm with Badger - I thought it might have even BEEN a Gorey illustration but thought you were looking for a book...

BabelBabe said...

i still don't know what book it is - in all my copious free time I am going to lurk at B&N and look -- but the Gorey similarity just struck me. I would never ever impugn your knowledge, dear ones : )

Suse said...

You need to talk with Telfair. She's a Gorey nut.

Major Bedhead said...

I perused her Wiki site, too, and was struck by the similarity between her artwork and Gorey's. Since I love Gorey, I found her stuff to be equally endearing.

But I still have no idea what book you're talking about.

Paula said...

I have a little calendar with Gorey illustrations about a little girl and some birdies. Very cute in a dark and twisted sort-of-way.

And by the way, I LOVED Monsters of Templeton (which I read on your recommendation) and am loving Broken for You as well. Thanks babe!