Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Q: Once I'm in the hospital to deliver, who will see me in that position? *

My dear ones, I got NOTHING. No energy, no creativity, nothing to say to anyone, not even you.

I am sitting around (feeling somewhat akin to Baron Harkonnen), waiting for contractions to begin in earnest. I KNOW my due date is 8 days away, but frankly I am surprised I made it this far. No, I haven’t eaten pineapple or spicy food, had lots of sex (PUH-LEASE, that’s what got me into this mess in the first place), or resorted to nipple stimulation; I am not THAT eager. But I am doing a whole lot of wishing and praying and silent whispering to the fetus to GET. OUT. NOW (not that I don’t love you , baby…).

Public schools had a two-hour delay today – high winds, I guess? Who the hell knows? Not me. And Seg’s back at preschool for the first time in something like a week, still coughing like he’s afflicted by black lung but looking and acting considerably perkier. I am forgoing the usual housework Terzo and I do in the mornings to edit a couple papers before the baby comes. Oh, and, you know, write a post.

I finished the third Sally Lockhart novel yesterday – and in hopes of discovering more about the delicious coupling of Sally and Daniel Goldberg, and reading more adventures involving the delectable Jim, I requested The Tin Princess from the library.

I am about halfway through The Friday Night Knitting Club - reminiscent of Jennifer Chiaverini’s Elm Creek Quilt novels, which is a good thing. As usual in an ensemble piece, there are characters I enjoy and some that drive me batty. Some of the plot is out of left field, but that’s ok, there’s enough going on to distract from the occasional creak and groans of plot maneuvering. A very enjoyable read, so far. And it’s making me want to pick up knitting needles again. Dear Suse tried to teach me how to purl via the Internet and email, but I think I need hands-on instruction. My mother-in-law knits, and rather well, so when she returns from Florida, I will ask her to teach me to purl. Remedial Knitting 101. I don’t really want to do anything too complicated, maybe make a scarf or something. I like the idea of acquiring the womanly arts : )

I am still reading Loving Frank - two things: Frank Lloyd Wright was an egotistical, self-absorbed asshole, no matter how talented, and 2) it took me a while to figure out that it is a fictionalized account of the Taliesin murders, which are horrific. I will finish it but maybe not right now. I happen to know children die, and I am not sure I can cope with children dying right now (remember my idiocy in reading Sophie’s Choice while pregnant with Primo? Yeah, don’t want to repeat that mistake…)

My pile of books to take to the hospital keeps changing. Currently the stack includes The Friday Night Knitting Club, I Love You, Beth Cooper, and The Wednesday Wars. Yes, yes, I have some toiletries packed up, and some yoga pants and sweatshirts, but the books are the important thing, don’t you think? I mean, TWO WHOLE DAYS. Yes, of course, I have to feed the baby and whatnot, but still…one baby is nothing compared to the three I’ve got to wrangle at home. And once I get my epidural, I’ll have hours in which to read until I have to push. Contractions, take me away!


* A: Authorized personnel only -- doctors, nurses, orderlies, photographers,
florists, cleaning crews, journalists, etc.


The Gaming Goon said...
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Velma said...

(Sorry! That was me, deleting my own post.)

I felt the exact same way about Peanut's delivery! 2 WHOLE DAYS TO READ!

My packing list was simple - my own comfy pillow, my earplugs, and my stack of books.

blackbird said...

I'm very excited over here - and it has nothing to do with how much time you'll have to read.

jenny said...

Eight days?!?! Exciting!

I remember saving one of the Harry Potter books from it's release date until I went into the hospital to have my daughter.

All that quiet was heaven.

Gina said...

There is a decent chance that the frequent and insane laughter which must accompany a reading of Beth Cooper would be enough to put you over the edge and into labor proper.

Just sayin'.

Badger said...

Come ooouuuuut, baby. Mama needs a margarita! Or something!

I just finished the SECOND Sally Lockhart book yesterday and I was absolutely devastated. You know why.

Oh, and I find purling easier than knitting. Go figure!

P.S. I tried like HELL to learn how to knit years ago, and it didn't take. I have no idea why it suddenly makes sense to me now, but I've chosen to believe it's because I'M OLD.

HEATHER said...

I remember those last miserable days. God Bless you honey. I will hold you in my prayers for a quick and easy birth.

Kathy said...

Of course the books are the important thing! I was annoyed with myself when my daughter was born because I foolishly didn't pack any books. Then I had to tell my husband to go buy me some and he just didn't do a good job at all -- not for hospital time. He bought me The Witches of Eastwick and that was all. So you make sure you have all the books you need.