Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Anyone who has ever slipped a foot inside a warm, cozy Ugg boot cannot dispute the comfort factor.*

I did it. Just like everyone else. (See, Mom? Off the bridge I go...)

I bought a pair of Uggs - well, in my case, Uggs knock-offs.
Steve Madden, to be precise.
On clearance at Famous Footwear, less ten bucks with my January coupon.
Beige, with a sort of sweater top on top of the typical suede foot part.

I thought, Wouldn't it be nice to remove even a single step from my crazed morning routine? There will be no searching for socks - just pull on my boots and off we go. As if I am that sporty...

And dudes, they might be sorta ugly but ohmigod, my feet are in heaven.

I was exchanging H's sneakers - does anyone else act as their husband's personal shopper, or is just me? And so I look at these as my commission. Yeah, that's it.

Dudes, I put them on this morning and haven't taken them off yet. I may sleep in them.
And I despise shoes, and socks even more. I wear my Tevas and Crocs so far into winter, it's a wonder my toes are not routinely frostbitten.
So these ugly frumpy boots? The PERFECT solution. Ahhhh.

Color me conformist.




blackbird said...

Welcome to my cozy world.

(I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks when I was pregnant with Middle. I wore them until I had him IN DECEMBER.)

Badger said...

Thank you for not posting a photo.

Sarah said...

Once you've worn Uggs there's no turning back, I'm telling you, in 20 years the world will be full of little old ladies wearing Uggs.

HEATHER said...

I'm with SarahO, I WILL NEVER give up my UGGS!! NEVER! I do not care how badly they go out of style-they are the only thing that keeps my feet warm and therefore I do not care how dorky I look wearing them!

Bearette said...

Uggs rock (well, my knockoffs from Target).

Suse said...

Uggs are Australian, and as an Australian I must inform you that they are not meant to be worn OUTSIDE the house, in PUBLIC.

Cos the Ug is short for Ugly, you know.

Caro said...

Yes, I too am my hubs personal shopper.

No uggs for me yet but that's only because i haven't seen them in 10 wide. Yes, my feet are huge.

Unknown said...

I have to admit, my feet have never been in Uggs because I found them too horrifyingly ugly. But as you've discovered, there's a reason that everyone is wearing them.

If the weather starts behaving like proper January weather should (that is, below 70 degrees at the very least, perhaps I will consider buying a pair...