Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Will Dave Eggers Please Shut Up?

It doesn't help that the kid doing the interview comes across as Uriah Heap, but MAN! I like A Heartbreaking Work . . . I liked hearing how a young guy dealt with raising his brother, and blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I get a huge kick out of McSweeney's, especially these Dispatches From a Public Librarian, but somesomehow I just can't stand Eggers.

I read Heidi Julavitz's The Effect of Living Backwards, and it was fine. I have nothing against her, or The Believer, or 826 Valencia, or Vendela, or ANYthing.

But I don't think I ever want to read another interview with snooty-pants Eggers.


Anonymous said...

But have you read You Shall Know our Velocity? How can you avoid a title that just sounds like it will change your life??
It made me want to inherit and ridiculous amount of money and travel around the world giving it away...even if it was all made up. Or at least go somewhere different. Really, it just made me want to run around yelling "You shall know my velocity!" and pretend like I was on a charging stead. And that was just the snooty-pants title.

Gina said...

Didn't read YSKOV, but I agree that it would be fun to run around and shout that. (Sort of like, "Serenity now!")

BabelBabe said...

I admit to having an instantaneous dislike of Eggers just because he calls his brother Christopher Topher. I mean, c'mon. Hey Na, don't you agree? I do - Erie.
I couldn't even finish Heartbreaking Work (self-absorbed and whining) so was not surprised that I couldn't slog thru the interview either. I am so unliterary. Sigh.

Gina said...

"Hey Na" reminds me of "Hey Ya" and now I'm singing Outkast. "Shake it like a polaroid picture" is SO not cool when it comes out of my mouth.