Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Someone please tell me why I want to see this movie: For all my years of complaining about what a lousy actor Keanu Reeves is (did you see him in Much Ado About Nothing? Painful.), I find myself in a strange sort of lust for him. See, I told you: tall, dark, and difficult. Although I even liked him as Tod in Parenthood: tall, dark, and goofy.


Just when you think you deserve to start feeling like an adult, you go and do something like LOSE YOUR RETAINER. Yes. I am 34 years old and I lost my retainer. I can keep track of two children (more or less), but I cannot keep track of my retainer. Or, to be completely fair, the top half of my retainer. Jeezum. I expect I’ll find the cats playing with it someday soon.


You know what we really need: a library delivery service. No, it's not enough that I can go online, request any book in the system to be transferred to the library closest to me, and be emailed when they arrive for pick-up. I want them delivered to my doorstep, too.


Ten years ago today, February 18, 2005, at 9:15 in the morning, I was wandering around the downtown Barnes and Noble, in sweats and running shoes, looking for something to read on my flight to Italy, and a good dictionary of saints with which to enhance my viewing of Italy’s finest religious art. I suppose I should have been getting into my wedding gown, having my make-up done, and fussing with my hair, but my maid-of-honor had those tasks covered. I had to find something to read on the plane.

If there’s one good reason why Dan and I have lasted ten years, it’s that we’ve worked really hard at figuring out what our marriage should be, and learning not to care if it conforms to societal expectations of the perfect marriage. But if there’s a second reason, it’s that my husband has never once uttered the sentence, “Do you really need all these books?” He’s never suggested we get rid of some, or put some in storage, even when we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. He never questioned my desire to have a room in the new house for use just as the library, and he did not make fun of me when I catalogued all our books using the Library of Congress system. He even listened to me debate the relative merits of LC versus Dewey. He has never given me a hard time about the money I spend on books; in fact, sometimes I think he feels bad that he doesn’t spend more money so I don’t feel so guilty. He has never once questioned my need to take half a dozen books on a week-long vacation, or my compulsion to carry a book with me when we go to family functions. And when I say, “It could be worse, I could have a heroin habit,” he has the good grace to smile. All in all, a stand-up guy. Happy anniversary, Danno. (Not that I’ve been silly enough to give him the URL to this page…)


Gina said...

Happy Anniversary! Are you doing anything to celebrate your Decade of Decadance? :-)

If I'm not coming down with the flu, I am TOTALLY going to see Constantine on Sunday. I've always been fond of Keanu Reeves, even though he's always coming off as doltish and sleepy.

And I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm turning into a comics geek at the age of 34. I feel really sheepish and like a total poser, but I stayed up way too late last night reading Neil Gaiman's "Marvel 1602", and it's wonderful.

I've always had a soft spot for and a mainstream interest in the Marvel heroes; I watched Spiderman as a kid, and Thor, and I used to set my alarm in college to get up on time to watch X-Men on Saturday mornings. I loved the Spidey and X-Men movies (I cried at both of the sequals!). BUT I'VE NEVER READ THE COMICS. Why?

BabelBabe said...

It doesn't matter - what's important is that you have come to the dark side now, before it was too late. I'll check out the Gaiman; I never know what comix to read, so any suggestions are more than welcome. (Does Beanworld count as a comic?)