Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day 15, summer vacation 2010

Today I had a blazing epiphany at the gym.

The only reason my body should ever expect to have to run a couple miles as fast as it can is because someone got run over by the combine and I am getting them help.

I am built to dig potatoes in the fields, not samba to Latin tunes.
(By the time my hips get to where my feet are, they are supposed to be going in the opposite direction anyway.)

My ankles were designed to be covered by Wellies worn as I muck out the cow and horse stalls.

When Stalin starved out his people, I may have lasted longer than most, but in modern times in America, that cuts no ice.

My Eastern European peasant stock cannot be disguised, much as I may long to be a true gym rat with jutting vertebrae and hipbones.

Not that this means I give up, as my brain rather likes its endorphins.

But it may change the feelings of inadequacy engendered in me by about half of the denizens of my health club.


Kathy said...

Coming from Eastern European peasant stock myself, I rather like your refreshing take on this!

Mary said...

I would have been digging potatoes right along with you - in a Dutch way..

delta said...

Pay no attention to the WASPs (White Anorexic Saxon Protestants). They know not what they miss. Dig potatoes in your Wellies AND zumba to your heart's content!!!

Amelia Plum said...

i'm telling you that's why i go to the club one at the waterworks rather than shadyside. it's less of a scene. plus i go in the afternoon when it's mostly people in their seventies there. but i know what you mean about the endorphins. i can't imagine my mental state if i didn't go to the gym as often as i do.

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