Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Quick, quick, like a bunny...

Damn these kids. Primo has me unscrambling anagrams for his 39 Clues fixation.
Anyone know Russian geography better than I do?
And now I have to read the dang things. Grrr.

If you are a Raffaella Barker fan(Hens Dancing, Summertime) (and I am), you will like Gil McNeil's The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. However, looking at that now I've typed it, I have no idea where they got that title.

Has anyone read Chris Cleave's Little Bee? Should I read it?

*This is the one I totally cannot get. I THINK they are all Russian cities, but possibly not...is this cheating?


Hungry in LA said...

hmmm..." A GANJA BASTER" is the best I can do.

hmmm again...my word verification is bastr.

Badger said...

ssheers knows geography. Bet she could figure it out.

ssheers said...

Yes, I know Russian geography, but I'm not getting it. There aren't many Russian geographical names with J in them.

ssheers said...

Barents (a northern sea) takes up a lot of the letters, but then you're left with jgaaa.

I will have to keep thinking about this.

BabelBabe said...

Primo just whipped thru book 5 and told me what the answer was, but I can't remember now. Lemme go check with him...turns out the J is extra and they were in no order particularly. Stupid clues.

Amelia Plum said...

is there ever a time when you're unable to read? i'm mystified at what a dedicated bibliophile you are. right now i can only read magainzes and maybe by a sudoku/crossword puzzle book - my brain's overtaxed, could be all the refnishing.