Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Somehow or other it came just the same!"

Yikes. Christmas Eve - it's grey and rainy here, with highs predicted in the 40s, so no chance of snow.

Three of my four boys are coughing like 80-year-old emphysematic men. The nebulizer adds a not-so-pleasant white noise hum to the proceedings.

My brother is expected this afternoon. I am prepared to stuff him full of turkey and wild rice stuffing and jam squares and gingerbread. I was going to make his favorite rum balls but I got overwhelmed - I knew when I was contemplating having the boys roll the rum balls for me that I had truly lost my mind and I punted on those.

Nonetheless, it's Christmas Eve, and somehow that old magic has wormed its way back into my heart - it may skedaddle while I am choking down a plethora of overcooked, cold seafood at my mother-in-law's "Feast" of Seven Fishes. People, tuna salad has NO PLACE on the Christmas Eve table. But for now, I have presents to wrap, and some last-minute gift deliveries to make (the people who make my coffee for me deserve a nice tin of cookies, as well as my friendly and protective mailman), and a Christmas Eve children's service at 430.

To my friends who are celebrating this year with new little people around: enjoy, and kiss that baby for me. The little ones lend a whole new delightful aspect to this holiday.

To all my Internet friends, you are dear to me, and I wish you all the merriest of Christmases.


Badger said...

Merry Christmas to you! And to all your coughing boys!

Jess said...

Merry Christmas! I'd send you some snow if I could (we've got plenty to go around) but really, this whole White Christmas thing is totally overrated.

blackbird said...

Merry and Happy, BB...



Eleanor said...

Merry Christmas from me too BB!

Eleanor xxxx

Bruce Robison said...

Jude was wonderful on the piano. "Jingle Bells" now forever an essential part of the sacred repertoire of the evening.

Blessings and peace, joy, tuna salad, etc.


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