Thursday, October 02, 2008

“When a man arrives at great prosperity, God did it; when he falls into disaster, he did it himself.”*

Hey all.

Accompanying my laptop's death was the disappearance of all my contact info.

So...if you email me, or plan to ever, or have in the past and still care to hear from me, PLEASE shoot me an email at

So I can rebuild my life - er, my contacts info - from the ground up.
Thank you.

Post coming soon, I promise.

A real one.
With content and, you know, thoughts, and all.
About books and stuff.

*Mark Twain


? said...


I am glad I came by this blog. What an interesting post and Ill be checking this out!

Also, I see you are a rushdie fan as well. I'm reading one of his books, the satanic verses, have you read this and what are your views?

I would like to return and comment further on your blog if you feel a counter visit is worth some of your time?

MsCellania said...

Oh, I'm suffering from the Susie Sunshine disorder - I read that 'about boobs and stuff'.

Er- not that I wouldn't come back if it was boobs and stuff, but books and stuff holds more appeal.

Anonymous said...

I hereby issue all the commiseration you may want.