Friday, November 30, 2007

"What’s in a name? that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." *

Social Security's website o' names

Since I am fairly convinced that this fourth is a boy (why would anything be different?), let's start there.

Atticus? Aaron. Not Adam.

Baruch? Benjamin? Berkeley (a nod to H's college days)?

Calvin? Christian? Cain? Erm, maybe not Cain.

David. No, what about Daryl? Wahahahaaaaa....

Eamon. Ethan (VERY popular. So, no.) Eli (another nod...)?

Francis. Eh. Finn? Fred (which is the damn dog's real name)?

G. G is tough. Grover? Gabriel?

Henry. NO.

Ian. Ivan. Call me Ishmael. Or not.

Jonathan, John. Jack. Blech.


Luke. I was wrong, Luke is actually *dropping* in popularity.

Matthew. Michael. Mark. I like Mark, but there are issues with Marks we have known...

Neil. I like Neil. In fact, I really like Neil. Not as much as Luke, but a lot.

Oliver. VERY popular.

Philip? NOT Peter.


Riley. Richard. Raphael (if we are going to look at archangels...)

Seth. I like Seth. I even know Seths that I like. Steven? Sean?


Ulysses is the only U name I can think of.

Virgil Victor Vincent. Valentine.

William. Wyatt. Excuse me.


Y - would you believe Yahir is a more popular name than Simon?

Zachary. Zechariah? Zeke....Zaccheus. Zaccheus was a wee little man, a wee little man
was he....

The boys all have firm opinions on names, but I don't like any of their suggestions (for example, naming the fourth after the only brother of Jesus we don't yet have is NOT acceptable to me.)

Maybe it'll be a girl, and I will have to tackle those names another day.


* Juliet, Act II, sc. ii, in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


Badger said...

I know why you like Neil. You're not fooling anyone, you know.

We nearly named the boy child Ian. Only I wanted to spell it Iain because I'm weird. I also wanted to name the girl Grainne, so you probably shouldn't go by me.

Anonymous said...

And I was just thinking of Raphael yesterday. I like Eamon and Eli and Levi and Luke. Just for this post, I bet you will have a girl!!!

Gina said...

My nephew's middle name is Francis, and that's what I call him. He's a pretty ornery kid, so I can tell you that it's a very satisfying name to shout. :-)

I also call him Francois. And sometimes I just call him my sister's name, because he is so much like her it's painful.

Hungry in LA said...

It's a girl.

And I just have to say that my complete works of Shakespeare says:

"That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet."

So so critical...

blackbird said...

I'm pretty sure Quintin is not a real name.

Jess said...

You're right, Mark is a fantastic name, a sweet name, BUT

every guy I've ever known that was pure trouble was named Bill, Mark, or Josh.

Okay, or George. (But I don't really KNOW him.)

Finn is good.

Sarah Louise said...

rose is such a nice name...

Suse said...

I love Seth, Jonah, Jonas, Noah and Luke.

Sheesh, and I'm a die hard atheist.

Katy said...

Whatever you choose, just make sure that its a real name, and not some weirdo made-up name. Also, that the pronunciation reasonably matches the spelling.

Also, if you decide that you don't like it after you name the new kid, you can always change it. My parents did.

Kathy said...

I like Seth and Luke and Aaron. Can you believe I actually know someone who named their son Ulysses? Also, if you don't like nicknames (which I don't) make sure you choose a name no one can make a nickname out of. I named my son Joshua, assuming people would call him Joshua and not Josh, because I asked. HA! Everyone calls him Josh now except me.

Jess said...

I want to hear the boys' ideas - and your list of girl names. How I do love a name!

Luke has grown on me over time. I think it would go well with your boys.

My grandfather was a Victor. His middle name was Hugo.

Aaron is nice.

Francis makes me think of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" - Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank and Gideon, except Frank's real name is Frankincense ("cause there were no other F names in the Bible"). In fact, I like all those names (except Frank) - God forbid I have 7 boys to use them all.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of partial to Sean Christoper myself.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up, my Segundo's middle name is Rafael and you know first hand how much (charismatic, can't help but smile at him) trouble THAT one can be! Don't say I didn't warn ya...


nutmeg said...

I like Luke, Sean and Theo (not Theodore)... for what it's worth seeing I don't have any boys myself!