Monday, November 12, 2007

"Let's undress just like cross-eyed strangers..." *

Why do the public schools have off today? I know it’s Veterans’ Day, and while I am all for honoring our veterans (my dad was one, as are most of my uncles, and I dated at least one guy from each branch of the service at the height of my dating life, so you know I am all for supporting our men in uniform), I fail to see why my child can’t go to school, honor the vets there, and, you know, get the hell out of my hair.

Although, in his defense, Primo has been entertaining himself since nine a.m. (which is the absolute earliest I permit any radio/drumming/guitar-playing) by listening over and over AND OVER to Wilco’s “Kidsmoke.” (Have I mentioned it is the only Wilco song I actively dislike?) to ‘learn the words.’ He also seems to be learning the guitar chords, if the energetic strumming and twanging coming from his little plastic electric guitar he got for Christmas last year is any indication. I only hope the strings and tuning mechanisms hold up.

Meanwhile, the two younger boys are carefully stripping all the bedclothes off their beds, ‘because,’ and making tunnels. Well, since I change sheets in the beginning of the week anyway, I might as well let them have their fun. (See how much good not vomiting up the Zoloft does my mental state?)

I am about to shower, pack up all the boys and some lunch, and head to the Center for Creative Play. Since it’s way too soggy to throw them outside today, and so they can go run around there in the supermarket-sized space, and I can have a coffee and read and be glared at by more attentive, caring mothers.


* "I am Trying to Break Your Heart," Wilco


Anonymous said...

Why does my husband have today off, and I don't? Honoring the veterans should be a team effort, in my opinion.

Jess said...

Ha! The teachers 'round here had two days of enrichment days Thursday and Friday, and today's Remembrance, yes, that DOES make it the fifth day of a five day weekend!

I need a drink. Then I'll salute.

Sarah Louise said...

I need a stiff drink and it's not even noon.

Badger said...

My kids are NOT off school today, and thank God for that, man, because they destroyed my house this weekend and I was THISCLOSE to going all Hansel/Gretel/Sweeney Todd and baking them both into pies. Instead, I am doing laundry and baking banana muffins IN PEACE.

Joke said...

What grates on me is that Veteran's Day is 11/11. That (and Independence Day) are the only non-moveable holidays in the USA.



Caro said...

I can think two reasons to move your way.

Number one is you.

Number two is that play center.

Too bad hubby hates snow. Sigh.

And my pharmacy is closed today so no paxil for me.

Suse said...

When I read your comment that we should honour the vets my first thought was No way, the vets charge like wounded bulls to neuter your cat. They don't need honouring.

See how tired I am?

ps. word verif is nicukpy which sounds all hiccupy.

Sarah Louise said...

I used to love making tunnels. and Suse's comment has made me laugh out loud.


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