Monday, July 06, 2009

"There is something very special about being away from your parents for the first time, sleeping under the stars, hiking and canoeing."*

Am on book 6 of the Sookie books. Can I tell you how pleased I was that Harris shakes it up a bit, and the series is about Sookie and her life, not just about her love affair with a vampire? Not that there’s anything wrong with women who love vampires. A friend mentioned the repetitive sentence structure of the Sookie books, but I must say I haven’t noticed. I HAVE noticed how funny they are, and how nailbitingly fast-paced they are. They are this summer’s perfect read.

I also went a leetle nuts at Persephone Press’s website (more complete post re: this later, with photos of the pretty, pretty books), but suffice it now to say that I started Dorothy Canfield Fisher’s The Home-Maker and am liking it immensely. I can decisively diagnose Evangeline Knapp with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and think she (and her family) would benefit greatly by regular, daily intake of 200mg of Zoloft. And maybe Ativan as needed. But then where would the novel be? Hmmm. What‘s more important, people, easing a person’s pain or maintaining an entertaining novel? Heck of a question….

I have a buttload of books waiting for me at the library across town (my regular branch is closed for renovations) but as I am depending on my not-so-reliable-in-this-arena husband to pick them up and bring them home, it may be a few days before I actually lay eyes on them. In the stack: Lenore Sken’s Free Range Kids and Penni Russon’s Undine, and the Kim Harrison novels which were mentioned in the same Salon article that turned me on to Sookie.

I sent my oldest off to camp today. It is not sleepaway camp, but it is a real honest-to-God, in the woods, archery and swimming and arts & crafts sort of camp. I think I may have been more excited than he was. I spent 8 summers at sleepaway camp (yeah, my mom didn’t like me much), and one of the single most joyful moments of my Facebook experience (and, oh, there are many), was reconnecting with my camp friends. The girls I met there each summer carried me through my year (which looking back now = odd, since reconnecting with my old high school friends via FB has also been wonderful. But then I guess we have all grown up a bit…)
Regardless, I am thrilled for my boy. (Although, I admit to some neurosis re: summer camp - shocked, you say? Ha. - have you read Siri Hustvedt's What I Loved? Excellent book, but a horrible thing happens to a beloved child at summer camp. I wake up in a cold sweat every now and then, thinking about it. But I am SURE Primo will be fine. He will be more than fine, he will have an awesome time.)

The rest of us will go to the playground to meet up with some other friends, and then zumba class at noon. Which, oh my God, is going to KILL me. Especially since I do not appear to be getting any thinner AT ALL. I just saw photos from last weekend when my husband’s Irish cousins were in town , and I AM A PORKER. I am not a small-boned person, but my frame is too small to be hefting around this weight, I merely look bloated, not healthy and pleasingly plump.

Anyhoo, then I have some sewing to do, and some packages to pack up to mail, and then I have to figure out what to feed this family for dinner. Because, oh, man, am I sick to death of chicken.

*Jami Gertz


Kristin said...

Summer camp! How exciting! I have mixed memories from sleep away camps. Mine were short, week long stays, so not a lot of time for bonding. I did love the day camps though. I'm sure he'll have a great time.

I just finished The House at Riverton per your suggestion. It was a great read--thanks!

Badger said...

I know I've read some Kim Harrison but I didn't stick with them for some reason. Huh. Can't remember why.

Oh but HEY, I have another series rec for you if you like the Sookie books. They are NOT the same thing, but sort of similar and very very good: Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden books. About a modern-day wizard in Chicago with a tough female cop friend, going around hunting bad monsters (shifters, vamps, demons) but there are good monsters, too. Snappy dialog, fast action, excellent writing and character development. You'd like 'em. First book is Storm Front.

Bearette said...

I read What I Loved, but totally forgot what happened at camp. I'm gifted that way :)

Jess said...

I really, really liked The Home-Maker - and I was so curious to see how it would end. Eva finds an alternative to Zoloft, don't worry (at least, it works for HER).

Kathy said...

I like the titles to the Kim Harrison books so I've been considering them. I'm on book 2 of the Sookie books and I haven't noticed repetitive sentence structure.

Caro said...

I love day camp. Azure did that last year.

It sounds like you have some great day camps in your area.

Samantha said...

I had to put The Home-Maker down at about 40 pages in and haven't returned to it yet - though I will. The mother in it just cut too close to home - it was like I was back living with my mum and it scared the living daylights out of me ;-)

And thanks for mentioning Free Range Kids - I have put this one down on my wishlist.

Suse said...

Can I just show off and say that I had coffee with Penni Russon the other day?