Monday, July 20, 2009

I got nothing, people. Go look up your own quotes.

I am too fucking tired, and too thoroughly fed up, to exert any effort right now. Sorry.
I am probably just sick of all the screaming and crying and and whining and yelling - and that's just me.
Or maybe I am bitter that *I* am not going to BlogHer. Not like it matters. Not like any of the cool people would want to hang out with me, or even know who the hell I am. I should just shut up and go read another book. Since I seem to be channeling my inner junior-high-schooler ANYWAY.

The baby just wandered downstairs without any diaper.
And a poopy butt.
God, I just fucking LOVE my life.

Go read Amalah: her book reviews made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself.

They also made me feel marginally better.


Sinda said...


Badger said...

Would NOT go back to having young children for ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY.

It gets better. Swear.

Lisa said...

Your children outnumber mine, and mine are making me crazy, therefore you must be crazier. I'm sorry. Maybe duct tape the diapers on?

ssheers said...

I'm enjoying reading Sookie #5. Thanks for the rec.

And, yes, Badger is right: it does get better.

Although I did get teary when I put my 13-yr-old baby onto the bus to three weeks of sleep-away camp this morning.

Kristin said...

I would love to meet you if I were going to Blogher! But...I think I'll have the baby this weekend instead (hopefully). Then I will look forward to more naked poopy butts coming down the stairs. Good times. I hope that your day gets better!

Caro said...

I shouldn't laugh about the poop, but I am, only because it has't been all that long since my son painted with it. Ah poop, how I don't miss you...

Jess said...

This is probably the (jealous) non-attending blogger-person in me talking (jealous - okay, a LITTLE) but BlogHer is beginning to seem outrageously huge to me. Y'know, I belong to the BlogHer site, and I STILL have no idea what the heck the topics being covered are. And if the TOPICS aren't the most important thing, than why would I pay so much to go?

(Yes, yes, meeting fabulous people and swag, I got it, but REALLY?)

Let your inner junior-higher out. She can roll her eyes and do a hair-flip and click her tongue - asnd maybe make you feel better!

Duyvken said...

Naked poppy babies near carpet and upholstery are not good for one's sanity but since the damange has already probably been done let me keep you at the computer for another minute or two telling you about what I've been reading. I am currently about 1/3rd of the way through The Edible Woman. I love Atwood and really should have read this before but you gets in the way of a good "I've read" list. I just finished Fly Away Peter by Malouf which is sad, like most of his books, before that I read another Michael Connelly (I am devleoping an addiction) and the Penelopiad before that. I am a bit all over the place!
Now, I hope the next day was better!!!

KPB said...

I know I say this more often than I should and that it probably is getting really boring for you, but your life and my life? EXACTLY.THE.SAME.

I made the lemon slice today with lemon AND mandarin. So good.

Suse said...

What Kim said except I'm a decade ahead of you both.

And I didn't make any yummy food today. I went to work and came home tired and now I'm fighting with my eldest son over the ridiculous things he considers as essentials, when packing his backpack for camp.

If I could afford it

Mary said...

What Badger said.

And sometimes I find writing it out like that, just like you did, makes me feel just that bit better!

Beth said...

I am totally with you. I know, like everyone tells me, that this time when they're little is fleeting. But the questions is, when they're all finally raised...will there be any of me left?

Sarah Louise said...

And people wonder why I'm not running out to find a husband to make babies?

My 2 sibs (10 years younger than me) were enough--and I totally get why folks shake their babies.

I wish you quiet and that they all take naps or something. I send you a virtual dirty snowman.