Sunday, September 24, 2006

There's a very small percentile, Who enjoys a dancing Gentile... - "Spamalot"

My tablet DIED. In the middle of typing an email, it hiccupped, the screen went black, and it died. I tried a hard reboot, and we even took the battery out – no dice. H is taking it to work tomorrow to retrieve my stuff off the hard drive, but the prognosis for recovery looks very very bad for the actual computer. Turns out this is a known issue with these particular computers, which is one of the reasons H’s company had 200 of them floating around not being used – because they CRASH AND DIE without warning. And mostly irreparably. Great. Just terrific.

So, despite the fact that H HEARTILY disapproves of my buying a laptop, I am THIS. CLOSE. to purchasing this:
I already have been approved for financing, no interest till 2007, and I have some cash from savings bonds an aunt gave me when I graduated high school. Plus, I get an employee discount if I buy thru work. So – deep breath – fairly certain I am buying the new computer this week. The offer is valid till the 27th, so I have to act fast but not immediately.

(Besides, I NEED a computer of my own. For this. Shhhhh...)

Also in exciting news, I wrote a proposal for implementing a library blog at work. At least one co-worker told me it would never fly. But the idea’s been brewing in the back of my brain for a while, and I finally figured it was worth a shot. My boss thought it was a timely idea and wants me to gather feedback so she can send the proposal to the library director! We may be the most technologically backwards library ever, and immediately after receiving my proposal at least one of my co-workers called me up and laughed at me. However, I have two co-workers who have been almost as interested in the idea as I have been, and who have been really supportive, so at least I have some backing.


This afternoon H and I dropped the boys at the babysitter's, and I spent the afternoon on a ladder scraping, glazing, and puttying windows. I need to finish soon so we can have storm windows installed for this winter. Next spring’s project will be the rehab of the porch railings, which are lovely but decrepit, and living in the basement right now.

And last but not least, I am reading, because I am after all a good wife, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and you know what, it’s really kind of good. I am finding it funny and clever, and my next cat will most definitely be named Maurice. I think the rat names may be my favorite part – the rats were transformed into intelligent, rational beings while they were still living in the dump, and so they all have names like Delicious and InBrine and BiteSize and PorknHam, but my favorite, hands down, is Dangerous Beans.

I will name my next rat Dangerous Beans.


Carolyn said...


Happy novel writing!

Miz S said...

A new laptop in the face of husbandly disapproval? TAKE THAT, H! WHO'S FAT NOW? HUH?

Sorry. I've already had too much coffee.

Just be sure you don't get too wrapped up in Nanomo. I know some people who just about lost their shit last year trying to complete that project.

Katya said...

My boss said our library's blog would never fly either but the statistics on it are pretty high. I don't write it, but here's the url:

I hope you get the laptop -- I love it.

Suse said...

Our local community library has a blog. And it's not even an important university research library or anything big.

Good luck with 50,000 words my friend. I'll cheer from the sidelines. I'm struggling with 2500 right now ... (overdue and stressing).

Joke said...

Um...tablet good, laptop bad? Huh? Am I missing something?


P.S. Miz S, be glad espresso is a very compact beverage, because I laughed heartily at your comment and, were I fool enough to take my caffeine in hugely diluted portions, most would have wound up on the keyboard and on my trousers.