Friday, August 04, 2006

Gina Works the Diner All Day . . .

Who’d have thought I’d ever quote Bon Jovi? Certainly not me, but there you go. Anyway, I don’t work in a diner, but this week—this awful, awful heat wave week—our building was without air conditioning. Can you say TORTURE? I spent the week sitting at my desk, eyes glazed over as sweat dripped from my forehead, down the back of my neck, and anywhere else it could drip from. My bra and underwear were soaked through. My life was miserable. So I wasn’t working in a diner, but I felt like I was being grilled.

Happily, the problem is fixed, and I’m dry and no longer feel like a stinky, bitter piece of steamed broccoli and can concentrate on working. Or at least on blogging.

I have to stop on the way home to buy two birthday gifts, as the boy has a sleep over birthday party tomorrow night, and a pool party for another kid Sunday afternoon. I can’t believe my son’s friends are turning ten. TEN! Double digits, people! There’s an Asian imports store in Squirrel Hill that always has cool dragon-y stuff, so I think I’ll see what I can scrounge from there.

Oh! I almost forgot—the boy and I adopted two kittens from the Animal Rescue League last night! Brothers, about three months old. One’s black, and one’s tabby-like. I don’t know much about cats, but these are awfully cute and spunky. And cuddly, when they’re tired. They don’t have names yet. I was hoping to call them Fred and George, but the boy thinks that’s no good because they aren’t orange. I don’t think that matters so much, but he’s adamant. So we’ve been calling them Blackie and Stripey, which I hope doesn’t stick.

I’ll post a picture soon, but I have to wait until tonight, as the batteries for the camera are charging. I’m sure it won’t be long before they become THOSE DAMN CATS, but for now, I’m happy, and so is the boy.

We watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and then Beetle Juice last night while kittens climbed all over us, and a good time was had by all.


Joke said...

Not to jinx it, but you're back to blogging on a schedule I can live with.


Gina said...

You're too kind.

ssheers said...

Congrats on getting the kittens.
Name ideas:
Bert & Ernie
Felix & Oscar
Zak & Cody
sorry, that's all I can think of now

Peg said...

Congratulations on the new kittens! I'm so excited for you. Look forward to photos.

Maybe you get to name one, and the boy gets to name the other?

Joke said...

I vote Bing and Bob.


PS Maybe Dean & Jerry.

Sarah Louise said...

Except that Dean and Jerry had a fight late in life--we wouldn't want to jinx the kitties...

julia said...

Ren and Stimpy
Ben and Jerry

Gina said...

I'm thinking of Sirius and Remus right now, but the boy's at his dad's this weekend and that came to me too late to consult with him about it last night. We shall see.

Gina said...

PS--Do you know that I had to look up Zak and Cody to see who they are? I live under a rock.

BabelBabe said...

who ARE Zak and Cody?

I vote for Ben and Jerry.

If he won't agree to Fred and George.

Gina said...

Zack and Cody have a show on the Disney Channel.

Joke said...

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is NOS's favorite TV show.

To him, it's appointment television.

You may feel bad for me now.


Gingers Mom said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I liked your ideas to keep the kids busy SO MUCH!! What great ideas. My almost 2 year old LOVE LOVES LOVES THomas...of course.
Congrats on your new kittens!