Monday, February 09, 2009

The Victoria bushfires in Australia have left a trail of tragedy in their wake - the death toll is 131 and still expected to rise.

The fire jumped an insane distance in moments and wiped out the entire community of Kinglake (you can see the photos on CNN, it WILL break your heart).

Please, please go donate to the Red Cross to help the thousands left homeless.
(FYI, $25 American equals about $16 Australian dollars, at least according to the XE conversion website).

My dear Suse, and Penni Russon from Eglantine's Cake are safe (I think the rest of my Aussie blogger friends are in Sydney...). I worry about other Melbourne thoughts are with you all, and my heart hurts for what you are going through.

Be safe, and please keep us posted.


Duyvken said...

Thank you Babelbabe. It is hard to comprehend isn't it?

Suse said...

Thank you sweetie.

I should mention that several entire townships were wiped out - Kinglake, Flowerdale, Marysville and Narbethong. Penni and I tended to focus on Kinglake as it's the fire that's near us (or in Penni's case, right ON her).

And the threat is not over. 26 fires are still burning out of control, two in particular are ginormous and threatening townships. The sky is lit up red as I sit here and type, looking out my window.

Death toll is now officially 173, but will go over 200 apparently. They're still finding bodies.

Mary said...

Thank you for keeping Victoria and Victorians in your thoughts.

We are still struggling to comprehend the enormity of it - esp since we live so far from Victoria ourselves..

Miz S said...

I have been riveted/horrified by this tragedy. Even more horrible that arson is suspected in some of the fires.

nutmeg said...

The whole situation is very, very heartbreaking. The weather has now turned in Sydney from sweltering, humid heat to weeks of rain and it is expected to be cloudy and/or rainy for the rest of this month. I just wish it would move south of the border and finally put out all those fires that continue to burn.

[And on a different note - US$16 = A$25 - I only know this as I check it daily to see whether my next book order on is worth my while ;-) I wish it were the other way around!]

Nicole said...

Glad to hear from a fellow Dominique fan! Just found her on facebook, where she has all her latest articles and upcoming appearances!